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Sure it will only have been six days, but since I have to be up and out the door at 4:20 a.m. on Monday I am going to consider Sunday the last day of the week.   Come back tomorrow to see how well I did.

On Tuesday I will update you on the progress of Israel, John T., RJ, and Velma.

I Need a Brain Scrub….

Posted: January 12, 2008 in search terms, sickness, sin

Note to whoever this sicko is….Don’t Ever Visit This blog Again…THANKS!

The following search term showed up in my “Search Engine Terms” section, not once, but twice…

Warning, there is still time to turn away….

You still want to see? Fine, then click below to see what might be the single sickest term used to find my site since this blog opened back in February of last year.