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Posted: January 10, 2008 in free, free stuff, links
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I’ve searched the internet for some of the best (or at least most entertaining) freebies. And no these aren’t the kind of freebies that have you filling out endless questionnaires that ask you to sign up for other not-so-free offers in order to get the original offer. Almost all of these are straight up, provide your name and address and free stuff is on the way offers. So if you see anything that interests you give it a shot.

[Caveat: I don’t necessarily endorse any of these products. They are free so it is up to you to try them and see if they are any good.]

Free Workout Routines

Free Stuff of All Kinds From Wal-Mart

The site currently features free samples of everything from South Beach diet bars to tampons.

Wouldn’t you Like to Know the Causes of Baldness?

Well if you are that bored you can order this DVD totally free.

Free Amino Acid Drink (Derived from Soybeans)

Free Metamucil

Free Omega-3s from Fish Oil

Go Vegetarian Starter Kit

Free Energy Pills

Free Gel Pain Reliever

Free Coffee

Free Tea

Another Free Energy Drink

Free Hamburger Helper

Free Quaker Simple Harvest Bars

Free Energy Tablets

More Free South Beach Diet Products

Free Coupon for Free Yogurt flavored drinks

Click Below for More Free Stuff

Books, DVDs, Software, and Such

Free Bible

Free Books from Billy Graham

Free Inspirational Book

Free DVD, “The Quest for the Real Paul”

Includes two other DVD’s (be sure to click the boxes): “Message to the Seven Churches,” and “Cheating God out of Christianity.”

I Don’t Know what a Biorhythm is, but you can Get This Program to Calculate Yours for Free

All Kinds of Free Religious Software (Sermon collections, bibles, etc.)

Ditto above, but health related software (BMI trackers, calorie counters, etc.).

  1. Vilma Perez says:

    This is really AWESOME!!! I love free stuff. Thanks for the links! 😀

  2. No prob Vilma, let me know which if any of these work out for you. Well, unless it is the free feminine hygiene products. In that case feel free not to tell me. HA!

  3. Sammy says: has lots of free samples you guys should check them out.

  4. Thanks Sammy for the link.

  5. Thought you’d be interested in this omega-3 video:

  6. Mike says:

    Perhaps another website of interest you might add to your collection: Absolutely free pictures, a free pictures resource!

  7. jasonfill says:

    Belles Beauty Products are offering a free download if you purchase one of their beauty products. The download is emailed to the customer once payment has been received.

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