In order to win you need to have a plan. Plus, if you begin with a plan and you succeed you get to say, “I love it when a plan comes together.” And since I love success AND I love quoting the A-team I am approaching my friendly wager with Israel (and whoever else joins in) with a both brilliant and intense fitness and nutrition regimen that will push my body to the limits of muscular growth.

My Plan to Win

Resistance Training: I will be following the H.I.T. training methods outlined in The New High Intensity Training. That means I’ll be resistance training between 2 and 3 times a week. My workout sessions will include no more than one set, and no more than 11 exercises per workout. Each set will be taken until complete muscle failure.

Cardiovascular Training: Three to four times a week I will be engaged in hard hitting, fast, and short cardio routines. My principal cardio tools will be my trusty jump rope, public roads, and the treadmills at my university’s gym- so basically jumping rope and running.

Click Below to Discover my not-so-Secret Weapon..

My Secret Weapon: Every two weeks I will be performing a strong man routine that includes car pushing/pulling, farmer’s walks, and obstacle course provided by the local playground. These workouts will be short but VERY intense.

To perform a proper car pushing exercise find an even paved surface, visually mark off about 30-50 yards, have a loved one (or a random stranger you paid $5) sit in the drivers seats and put the car in neutral, now PUSH, PUSH, PUSH!

Nutrition: I will be sticking with the rather simple plan I’ve always used- six meals a day, lots of water, reasonable portion size, and healthy foods. I am aiming for a 60-30-30 breakdown in carbs, protein, and fat (60% carbs, 30% protein, 30% fat).

Supplements: I don’t like using lots of supplements. However, there are several that I find quite helpful, and a few that I use as insurance just in case I slip up.

1st: Protein Shake: Why? Because it goes down quicker and easier than a can of tuna and it doesn’t smell like fish!

I recommend GNC’s Pro Performance PM protein. It has 40g per serving of both fast and slow absorption proteins (Whey and Casein) that keep the internal engines running all day.

2nd: Multivitamin: It is just insurance to make sure I am getting all I need. What Brand do I recommend? Just pick a reputable brand, but if forced I would recommend Centrum.

3rd: Vitamin C: Whether liquid or chewable, Vitamin C is important, and I like to take a little extra to sure up the immune system.

4th: Creatine: As of this posting I am still trying to select a brand of Creatine. Throughout my life I’ve used several brands, and I will probably settle on EAS

5th: EAS Myoplex Shakes: These tasty little beverages pack 42 grams of protein per serving and they are easy to carry and DON’T require refrigeration (which is good if you are on the go). I will admit though, they taste much better chilled.

If you are beginning a fitness journey I would love to hear your plan(s) for success! Feel free to post them in the comment section. Long comments are always welcome.

  1. Fat Man says:

    Sounds like you have a great plan. I plan on publishing mine tomorrow. Car pushing huh? I may need to copy cat that.

  2. Vilma Perez says:

    Great plan! I just posted my starting stats & will be posting my plan by tomorrow. Will be sending you an email as well. 🙂

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