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Well here are the pictures. As you can see I’ve regressed a bit for reasons previously explained.

“Before” 1/6/08 “Before” 1/6/08 Side “Before” 1/6/08 Back

My Starting Stats are:

Weight: 178.2

Body Fat Percentage: 26.1% (I am going to check this figure over the next three days and use the average, as the scale seems to fluctuate a bit)

Waist: 36.5″ (taken at the point across the belly button)

R/L Upper Arm: 14.75″/14.5″

Hips: 39″ (taken at the widest point of the…ummm…behind)

R/L Upper Leg: 23″/22.75″

Calves: 15″/14.75″

Forearms: 12.75″/12.5″

Chest: 40.75″

Shoulders: 48″

In order to win you need to have a plan. Plus, if you begin with a plan and you succeed you get to say, “I love it when a plan comes together.” And since I love success AND I love quoting the A-team I am approaching my friendly wager with Israel (and whoever else joins in) with a both brilliant and intense fitness and nutrition regimen that will push my body to the limits of muscular growth.

My Plan to Win

Resistance Training: I will be following the H.I.T. training methods outlined in The New High Intensity Training. That means I’ll be resistance training between 2 and 3 times a week. My workout sessions will include no more than one set, and no more than 11 exercises per workout. Each set will be taken until complete muscle failure.

Cardiovascular Training: Three to four times a week I will be engaged in hard hitting, fast, and short cardio routines. My principal cardio tools will be my trusty jump rope, public roads, and the treadmills at my university’s gym- so basically jumping rope and running.

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