Starting the New Year…

Posted: January 2, 2008 in blogging, challenge, change, results, Weight Fat Loss, weight gain loss, Weight loss

The new year provides a not-so-arbitrary point to reflect and honestly assess the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of your weight loss journey.  It is also the time to recuperate from any serious diet faux pas that have hindered, hampered, or even harmed your fitness goals over the holiday season that stretches from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

Often this process won’t be much fun.  Take me as an example.  I know I bulked up a bit (and not in the good way) over the last month thanks to a three week sinus infection, lots of time driving around the country, and a wife and mother-in-law who love to bake tasty pastries.  The sinus infection kept me off the road and out of the gym, the time in the car led to lots of fast food, and the tasty pastries proved too much to resist.  So what’s the damage?  I don’t know.

I’ve been too afraid to step on the scale.  Well, no, but my daughter did break the scale and I just bought a new one tonight.  So as of tomorrow I will take a baseline measurement of my weight, body fat percentage, water weight, and muscle weight.  It will most likely be quite embarrassing.  I am expecting a weight gain of about 6 lbs- not something I am proud of.

I am anxious to see and post the stats for the world to see tomorrow.  I will post stats daily for the first two weeks, thereafter I will post measurements weekly.

  1. isaacme says:

    You just get the type of colds lol? You should get a stomach flew so that you through up a lot and loose a lot of weight. Sorry that was a bit graphic.

  2. Focus on the positives. Reflecting is okay, but the past is the past. You can’t change it, but you can make today and the future whatever you want it to be. It’s your choice 🙂

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