I knew it wouldn’t last. I can’t date a diet I don’t respect. Who here can tell me with a straight face that any diet that tells you that you CAN’T eat fruit is a good thing? Seriously. The stuff is basically natures delicious and nutritious candy.

You might ask, “John, how did you get away with dropping out of the diet when your wife is on the diet?” Simple answer, she hated it too! How many chicken/steak salads can you eat? How often can you pass up otherwise delicious and nutritious foods (whole grains, fruit, etc) to meet some arbitrary dietary guidelines that seem to have about as much to do with good health as Michael Jackson has to do with the black experience in America.

So what shall takes it place? A Roman orgy of food consumption from the three basic food groups: chocolate, pie, and ice cream? Nope. Instead the new plan is quite simple, and similar to what I started out with. Healthy foods in reasonable portions throughout the day. For example my meals today include sushi, pistachios, whole grain cereal (the really good for you but not so great tasting kind) mixed with 2 pieces of 70% dark chocolate, fruit (banana and apple), a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on 100% whole wheat bread, and lots of water.

Isn’t that much easier to stick to than South Beach? Doesn’t it sound tastier?

Best part…

(click below to find out the best part)

I don’t feel cranky throughout the day and my body has enough carbs to carry me through my workouts. Viva la carbohydrates! Viva la self-discipline!

  1. WhoreChurch says:

    My nephrologist “prescribed” South Beach for me. It lowered my fasting blood sugar dramatically, removing the need for me to be on medicine for my diabetes. It also lowered my LDL from 156 to 112.

    I have, however, found recovery after workouts to take an extra day or two, especially on leg days. Without carbs I can’t send the glucose and protein post workout I need back to my muscles as quickly.

    And fruit isn’t out, it’s just limited.

  2. “And fruit isn’t out, it’s just limited.”

    According to our “South Beach” diet book the first two weeks are fruit free, the remainder allows for limited fruit. I’ll give South Beach Credit though, it is MUCH better than Atkins.

    And who is this nephrologist you speak of? And how does one who studies Nephroes know anything about diets? HA!

    Seriously, I could see how this might benefit someone with blood sugar problems.

  3. WhoreChurch says:

    My nephrologist? Dr. Soggy Pants. (See if someone reads this comment and knows what a nephrologist does, they’ll bust a gut laughing.)

    I have a bunch of genetic risk factors for heart disease as well as diabetes on both sides of my family. It sucks. my redhead doesn’t work out, eats lots of M&M’s and never has a problem. I snack all day on nuts, veggies and limited fruits, workout and walk. I eat one M&M and my blood sugar ends up at 250.

    I think she’s trying to kill me for the inheritance.

  4. Angel says:

    I hated Atkins too..haha:)

  5. Kristen says:

    Dr. Soggy Pants…HAHAHAHA. Funny.

    I didn’t think that would last long. The first 2 weeks are just like Atkins, and although you can drop weight fast with Atkins, it unfortunately mostly comes from your hard earned muscle, then when you flunk out of it which everyone does except for the wife of Dr. Atkins, your metabolism has been lowered, and you gain everything back and more. I found that South Beach was just not realistic for everyday living. It was too much to think about…..and I like my fruit, so feeling guilty about eating fruit is just ridiculous!
    I think your current approach to “dieting” is good. Small portions 5-6 times a day, with lean proteins, healthy carbs, and healthy fats…it’s the only way to go 🙂 . I just started a started a home business for virtual fitness coaching…..I blogged about it, you should look into it!

  6. Kristen says:

    Oh wait…isn’t that just called healthy eating…. It drives me crazy when I order something grilled with veggies only, and my friends are like, “oh, are you still on that diet”….um, no, I just choose to eat healthfully…you know, back like they did before everything had high fructose corn syrup and enriched white flour added to it.

  7. Kristen says:

    John, in response to your comment on my blog…..
    It’s “virtual” ONLINE coaching….basically encouragement via email. You could put Mr. Olympias abs as your avatar and call it good 🙂

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