I took off a whole week from lifting over Thanksgiving (Monday to Monday) and the results were nothing less than excellent.

My Squat went from 290 to 320

My Leg Press went from 390 to 415

My Bench Press went up, although its gone down overall since I switched machines.  Over the last few months I went from Hammer Strength bench presses, to Smith Machine bench presses, to free weight bench presses.  The difference is amazing- the latter is MUCH harder.

and My Shoulder Press went from 150 to 180

Suffice it to say, I feel great!  Combined with my tighter higher protein food regimen I am expecting great results over the next month.  Perhaps I will go shirtless in February?  Who knows?!

I should add a word of warning, long periods of time off from exercise can be extremely beneficial in aiding muscle recovery and allowing your body the time it needs to recover.  However, be sure your workouts are intense enough to stimulate growth before you go taking off a whole week!

  1. Stiletto says:

    I guess we’re on the same program! Except I took off for vacation, and am not taking off again because I’m sick – and then more vacation. Not sure how two weeks is going to fare but we will see.

    You are so right about rest and recovery. So true! Gives time for all the tweaks to heal! Congrats on your…extra stamina? lol

  2. Stiletto says:

    Ooops. Please change “not” to “now” taking off again. Thanks!

  3. “Not sure how two weeks is going to fare but we will see.”

    I would guess it depends on the intensity of the workout you are recovering from. The harder the workout the longer the recovery.

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