Watching my Ego Grow

Posted: November 3, 2007 in education, History, pride, results, reviews, teaching
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Update:  The post has been deleted.  Apparently someone thought it would be funny to post a false review on and gave me all ones. He/she wrote that I was a “hard ass” and “I suck.” Very funny.  Guess some moron always has to come along and ruin all the fun.

  1. Neil says:

    Good for you! Say, can we go online and post things about you?

  2. That’s what this blog is for. Post anything wonderful you want to say about me on here. Those sites are only for my students. HA!

  3. johnisfit says:

    Never heard of that site before, it’s very cool. I could have spent a lot of time there in my youth. What will they think of next? 🙂

  4. theepiphany says:

    Some people just love to be jerks, don’t they.

  5. Ms. Green says:

    Don’t feel badly. I’ve had some downright disgusting things thrown at me on my blog. That’s why I moderate.

  6. john says:

    I saw that one too and figured that’s what it was. Hopefully there is some way for you to appeal certain reviews?

  7. Oh, I started the appeal process. I am sure they will check the IP address and it won’t even be located in North Carolina (maybe not even the U.S.). I am lucky they were too lazy to even copy the class section- much less the actual subject. HA!

  8. What happened? I go away for three days and all heck breaks loose in the blogosphere….

  9. Nope, not all hell, just some anonymous online person who takes pride in making others miserable because his daddy didn’t hug him enough decided to post a false review. I am not terribly worried. Either the appeals process will work things out or my students will just post more positive review in time (many are waiting until the end of class to post a review).

  10. Ah, so you need some retaliatory ego-stroking. I get it. (FYI: I was away this weekend and had limited internet time.)

    You’re wonderful, funny, smart, and svelte. Do we need anything more in a man? Oh, yeah, and conservative. 🙂

    Sigh – there are no shortage of evil people on the internet. I think there’s some computer-related programme that breeds jerks, then sends them out after the normal people. 😦

  11. “svelte”

    Sounds nice, is it like velvet? HA!

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