Although far short of my youthful record (which my pride now forces me to hide) I broke my recent record with a 220 lbs bench press.  This means that at 169 lbs I am currently bench pressing 125% of my weight.  I am aiming for a goal of 165% (or 275 lbs). 

I kept my workout short this morning with only: Squats, Shoulder Press, Chin-ups, Bench Press, Wood Choppers, and Chest extensions (into tricep extensions).  I felt good after my workout, but I can tell I still have some lingering stuff in my lungs from my recent fight with the common cold. 

  1. Congratulations. I don’t think I can bench press 25% of my weight. Well, maybe I could, but much more than that and I’m toast. 😉

  2. bronsonfive says:

    220lbs? Shit, I can barely lift the bar without any weights on it.

  3. Lady Rose says:

    That is very impressive – I can barely open a catsup bottle!

  4. […] TotalTransformationTest wrote an interesting post today on A New Record: Bench PressHere’s a quick excerptA New Record: Bench Press Posted by totaltransformation on October 22nd, … stuff in my lungs from my recent fight with the common cold.  Posted in Exercise, Me, Weight Fat Loss, Weight loss, bench press, blogging, breaking plateaus, challenge, change, competition […]

  5. Joni says:

    Congratulations! I’ve never done the bench press thing with free weights but use a chest press and shoulder press machine. I think I’ve made it to 20% of my weight!! I’m feeling the effects of not being in the gym for the last few days for a variety of reasons. Its either sick kids I can’t put in childcare or my window of time opportunity gets closed. But boy do I have a ton of pain–usually lower body. Any reason why the upper body doesn’t feel the pain like the legs,hips, and lower back do?

  6. DulceDiana says:

    THAT IS AWESOME!!! WOW I’m impressed!

  7. Israel says:

    nice, the most i ever benched as a teen in high school was 300 lbs once. the most i ever benched as a adult was 315 lbs. once, a few months back. i think i down to 98% of my body weight that i can bench. my goal is to be able to bench 315 for 3 to 5 reps. not sure how to get to that goal. right now all i do is 225 lbs for 3 sets of 10 to 12 reps. i want to maintain that stegth as i keep losing the weight.

  8. Israel says:

    almost forgot, in highschooli was liek 235 to 260 lbs, depending on off or in season.

  9. Sounds good Israel. The most I ever pushed was 280 lbs back in college.

  10. I can bench press my son (24 lbs.) over and over again, while he laughs.

    But if I stop all hell breaks lose.


  11. “But if I stop all hell breaks lose.”

    Sounds like more fun than what I did. HA!

  12. You’re getting dangerous, dawg. But how are your lats?

  13. I didn’t. You look like Lee Haney.

  14. TaylorShad66 says:

    Congrats and also
    as i was in 8th grade i was benching 210lbs. now in 9th i am only doing 200 but my goal for the end of this year is 300

  15. Well congrats Taylor. With hard work 300 will be hard, but you should be able to achieve it.

    When I was in high school I benched too inconsistently to ever go beyond 215lbs. Thus far the most I’ve ever benched in my life was 250 lbs. Of course the MOST I ever bench pressed was 325 lbs on a hammer strength machine, but I don’t know how much that equates to in free weights.

  16. Steve says:

    That is close to the same goal I have had for 2 years for bench press… I am 38, 5’10”, weigh in at 170 lbs, and want to be able to bench according to the tables 160% of my bodyweight while qualifying for the Boston Marathon. (An all round fitness goal) (I don’t like doing 1 rep max… I am afraid I will rip something) (I hate skinny runners…). I also run 55 miles per week… I put up 1 set of 185 10 times, followed by 205 9 times, then 225lbs 6 times yesterday and failed on rep number 7 (which I need)… I am currently about 5 minutes shy on my marathon time also..

    So clearly, benching more than 165% is attainable…
    Personally, I found that I only need to work my chest about every 7-10 days to get good improvement and do 8-10 sets of chest exercises. 4 sets of bench (6-12 reps), 2-3 sets of dumbell press (with 15-20 reps), 2-3 sets of flys. I used to work my chest twice a week at I get much better results with less frequency… Good luck

  17. keven says:

    sé tres bon pour 170 lbs moi jé 18 ans je bench 325 lbs et je pese 168 lbs jarore le benche sé se que je préfere dans tout mon entrainement

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