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A brilliant and humble man recently wrote an excellent article on how to build more muscle in less time.  Yeah, for all you dinosaurs out there who think you need to be in the weight room for over an hour, please read up.  You can be in and out in less than twenty and perform a higher quality workout.

How so?  Well, have your tried multi-joint exercises?  Here are some benefits of multi-joint exercises…

1. Multi-joint exercises are more anabolic. Meaning your body will produce more of the hormones you need in order to grow muscle and burn calories.

2.  Multi-joint exercises build real world strength.  Ever need to move a wheel barrel, carry a heavy rock, push your car after it broke down?  All of these activities require you to utilize multiple joints and muscle groups.

3.  Multi-joint exercises burn more calories as they incorporate multiple muscle groups at the same time.

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Warning: The above article link contains excessive amounts of sarcasm that might be toxic to the overly refined sense of humor.