The picture on top is my February to May collage, the picture below it is from today (October 7th).  Any progress?  Well you guys decide and let me know.  I am a bit disappointed and expected more progress by now.


new pic OCT

So what do you think?

  1. john says:

    Well you look more cut to me, but as you say that’s been a long time since May and I could understand how you might be disappointed. Do you feel fitter?

  2. John says:

    WOW! Big time evidence. You are looking great. The flab is shrinking and the muscles are exerting themselves.

  3. There is also the tan factor. I was much more tan back than. And you know how being tan tends to make you look more cut than you actually are.

  4. Jungle Mom says:

    I can see a difference. I guess the closer you get to your goal, the less obvious the differences, maybe?

  5. You look great. (No, I’m not hitting on you.)

    You probably can’t see it as much on yourself – but there is a big change from May to October. Look at yourself in proportion to your shoulders – you can see that you’re lost a lot of weight off your stomach area.

    Congrats. 🙂 Don’t get discouraged.

  6. “You look great. (No, I’m not hitting on you.)”

    Not even just a little?

    BTW check out the latest post and compare it to the back shot in this one. My lats have blown up! I was shocked, especially after I was so crestfallen after seeing these pics earlier.

    Here is the latest blog post link

  7. ::Bats eyelashes:: Moi?

    Very nice. 🙂 Congratulations. 🙂

  8. yunahalo says:

    Hey, WOW! Long time, no see… Great job!

  9. Lady Rose says:

    As always your determination and gusto for health is a true inspiration. Sorry for not visiting (and linking) in awhile, setting up at the new location for the blog has taken up all my online time leaving very little for visiting — but I hopefully now that most of the blog housekeeping is done, I should be getting back to making the rounds and popping in more often.

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  11. Israel says:

    yep progress. try adding some weighted twists to work on your sides.

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