Today’s workout went well- despite the mere six hours of sleep I managed to sneak in last night.  As a result I am not really entirely checked-in and fading in and out of bouts of drowsiness.  My 15 minute power-nap of about 20 minutes ago seems to have done much to reinvigorate me. 

There is a good deal to report today in my personal fitness quest.  First, my confession that the last few days I have followed anything but a good nutritional plan.  My food intake over the last few days has included pizza, pudding, Reece’s Pieces, Hibachi Express rice, and cookies.  Today has been my first day back on the healthy wagon.  I feel a bit better now that I got that bit of undisciplined cravings satisfied and out of my system.  Plus, hopefully it will serve to convince my body to turn over a few more pounds of stubborn fat the the furnace of my metabolism.

Second, I almost completed my first full handstand push-up without any aid from a support structure.  Since I couldn’t quite make it I took about 20-30 seconds to hold my body upright and steady in a static position- about halfway into a full push-up.  Suffice it to say my shoulders feel well used.  Also, even after that grueling half rep I was still able to perform 10 chin-ups- my highest number yet. 

Also, I ended up missing my mile run today, as I couldn’t help but feel a lingering malaise.  You know how you feel when a cold is coming on, but your not quite sick yet?  That is how I felt.

So this week I will be taking it easy on my cardio until that feeling leaves.  Then it will be back to running miles and pushing weights. 

  1. I hate it when you get sick and can’t work out for a whole week, but it’s definitely a good idea to stay away from the gym until you get better as to not worsen your condition. A lot of my clients SWEAR by echinacea during the beginning stages of a cold to reduce the symptoms and shorten the sickness period. I haven’t personally tested this out but all the research shows that it does in fact stimulate the immune system. Let me know if it works out for you.

  2. I am actually taking a multivitamin drink with Echniechea (sp?) in it.

    For all those wondering I am taking the Alkaseltzer version of Airborne.

  3. Your attitude and work ethic continues to inspire me (and I’m sure, countless others). I hope you are feeling 100% very soon. This past weekend also found me eating a bit out of my zone… but I did celebrate the birthdays of two of my grandsons (lots of cake, ice cream and pizza!), and I went to the last regular season Red Sox game on Sunday (lots of peanuts, Cracker Jacks and beer!).

    Now back to feeling great with wonderful foods and exercise!

    Sharon – Pinks & Blues Girls

  4. abarclay12 says:

    Nice work. Keep it going. And I wouldn’t run either if I felt any sort of lingering malaise – you only get sicker that way.

  5. Lady Rose says:

    Hey TT — we all need a bit of a break from time to time. You are a real inspiration for sticking with healthy eating and working out.

    I just started learning qi gong I’m really enjoying it – it’s relaxing and easy on my joints. It doesn’t replace regular exercise, but is something my body can do without pain so that is a good thing

    Stop by the new home for the blog! Finally moved it over to my own domain – still needs some housekeeping and to get the new theme installed (which is awesome by the way). Please change link (thanks)

  6. That explains all the new track backs from old posts…ha!

  7. Hi, thanks for stopping by my place. I’m a bit of a fitness fanatic and always enjoy reading someone else’s quest for fitness. Keep up the great work, but listen to the body when it says “not today”.

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