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Thursday: One-set wonders OR Stop Wasting Your Time, Part II.

Do you perform multiple sets of each exercise in your routine?  Ascending sets? Descending sets? A Combination of both?  Well it is time to let go of the addiction and embrace the single-set solution.

Friday: Top 5 Reasons why Sex is the best exercise available.

Not for the faint of heart and uptight of morals.

Saturday: Book Review

Not sure which book yet, but chances are it will be dull and boring.  Stay tuned for more honesty.

Sunday: I shall be resting!

Warning: The following link will take you to an incredibly offensive and sophomoric post that pokes fun at the appearance of others. The incredibly dark sense of humor at work behind the above referenced post is not for the faint of heart. If you are easily offended, have high blood pressure, enjoy drum circles, or routinely engage in acts of protest against the patriarchy you might not want to click here.  But if you don’t mind offensive, low-brow humor feel free to click here.

I did it again!  I went in the gym today, feeling pretty down thanks to the last three or four days of nothing but rain.  To compound matters dipwad A and dipwad B* were once again monopolizing the squat rack. So I had to substitute leg presses for squats- something I don’t like doing. 

After a mediocre showing at the chin-up bar (read: no progress since last time), I decided to go for it with my bench press.  I set the weight to 230lbs and settled down beneath the bar.  I performed my usual bench press ritual.  What is that ritual?  Well first I close my eyes and take three deep breaths.  Then I visualize myself performing 6 perfect reps, moving my arms as if I was actually pushing the weight.  Then on the sixth rep I just adjust my hands back a bit and grip the bar and transition into the exercise as if it were my seventh rep. 

Well anyway, I glided smoothly from my ritual weightless reps into a set of 6 reps with 230lbs on the bar.  It felt great.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Nope.  The last three reps I used a great technique called “stop-n-go.”  It makes the exercise more difficult and according to Mens’ Health magazine it recruits more muscle fibers into the movement. 

How sweet is that!?  I submit to you that it is wicked sweet!

*Note:* Dipwad A is a personal trainer and dipwad B is his annoying little client.  They are record holders when it comes to monopolizing equipment, standing around doing nothing, and showing very little progress of any kind.  They will show up again in another article this week.

If you’re anything like me you have a bookmarks section filled with crap you haven’t read in years, websites you barely remember ever viewing, and plain odd stuff that makes you curious what you were ever thinking.  Here are but a few samples of the strange things I found interesting enough to bookmark at some time in the past.

10 People You Meet at the Gym.  At least this was funny.

Shawn Michaels.  I am such a huge fan of the Heartbreak Kid!

Soundboards for various celebrities.

John Cena and Bobby Lee on MADtv.  Funny!

Nerd Test

Ghetto Poetry

Glad to Be Alive

Posted: October 25, 2007 in attitude, blessings, blogging, challenge, faith, fear

I drove home through what had to be the worst storm I’ve ever driven in for almost two hours last night !  The rain was falling in sheets, it was pitch black, I couldn’t even see the reflectors in the road (much less the white lines).  The best I could do was line up my car with the brake lights in front of me.  At one point I (and pretty much everyone around me)  was driving 25 m.p.h. on I-40.

I really wasn’t sure whether I could keep my car on the road or not.  For 95 minutes with only maybe 5 minutes of slacking in the rain I sat tensely hunched over the steering wheel praying without ceasing and squinting as hard as I could to try and make out the white lines in the road.

By the way, have I ever told you the two things I hate most in this world?  First, driving in the rain.  Second, driving at night.  To have the two combined was a real treat.

Thank God I made it home in one piece!

Wanna see three things that made me laugh? No. Well then don’t click on this link. As for those of you in an agreeable mood, click here.

By the way don’t forgot that neat little link on the left hand side of your screen- no not that left, your other left. Be part of helping a dream a few small bucks at a time. If you need extra incentive, let’s just say, I know Santa and I can get you on the good list. ‘Nough said? I thought so.

Want to help out without donating?  Then look around [wink, wink, nudge, nudge] while visiting my other blog.  Get it?!  I mean full investigate everything.  Gosh, I am so bad at giving hints.

For those of you stuffy types that like to read book reviews, this post is for you.


The best line in this particular review follows below:

The result is a history of American politics that stresses political commonalities, often at the cost of historical figures respectability—bespotting the memory of the great men of American history in much the same way pigeons alter public monuments.”

Catch the remainder below to see the full paper.


Although far short of my youthful record (which my pride now forces me to hide) I broke my recent record with a 220 lbs bench press.  This means that at 169 lbs I am currently bench pressing 125% of my weight.  I am aiming for a goal of 165% (or 275 lbs). 

I kept my workout short this morning with only: Squats, Shoulder Press, Chin-ups, Bench Press, Wood Choppers, and Chest extensions (into tricep extensions).  I felt good after my workout, but I can tell I still have some lingering stuff in my lungs from my recent fight with the common cold. 

Over the course of this last year I’ve been amazed by the depth of the friendship within the world of blogging. I’ve developed some great friendships with some highly intelligent and socially well adjusted folks. Who would have thunk it, eh?! So it is about time I gave back to them, and linked to their blogs with a little snippet of appreciation for their friendship and all their kind comments along the way.

My only regret is that since I began this journey so many have given up on the blog world and moved on. So for all of them, you are missed, and I hope all is well.

But for those who remain, he is a tribute to you.

Bridget (A.K.A. Helvidius Pachyderm). Her posts are always intelligent and well-researched, her comments witty and enjoyable, and her affect amiable yet strong-willed. She is the first name on this list because in quality her blog is tops, in quantity her posts consistent, and in personality she is exemplary of the kind of warm-hearted atheist who makes Capitalists look like a positive force in this world. And maybe it warms her atheist heart to know I hope God will bless her so abundantly she can’t help but reconsider her position on his existence.

Her only flaw? Well if I must think of one, it is that she doesn’t comment on my blog as often as I would like.

Neil. He is nothing less than a great man who has completed more good in this world than I have ever thought of attempting. His theology is consistent, his blog a welcoming atmosphere even to those who consistently disagree, and his actions exemplary of how a Christian man should conduct himself. Here’s to you Neil!

Diana. Indeed, she is a woman whose beauty is only excelled by the depth of her compassion and love for God’s creation. Her blog is a poignant look into the struggles and joys of a daughter of God.

My various political allies and friends include: Debbie, Matthew, CavMom, Angel, Tammi, Velvet Hammer, and others I’ve unfortunately forgotten.

My non-political friends include: Tammy, Abarclay, Rachel B., Isaac, PinksandBlues (three very beautiful women who run a business) and others I regretfully forgot.

Religious friends include: The Epiphinator (A marathon running, discipling, beauty), Kiki, Timothy, MLBAH, and others I regretfully forgot.

Weight loss friends include: Israel (a recent friend, but he admires my work so he is obviously a man of refined and exquisite tastes), Lady Rose, and many others who haven’t commented on this blog in a bit so I couldn’t find a link to their blog. See the benefit of commenting often!

And don’t forget to check this out

I’ve written about our family’s dream several times on here before.  For those of you who need to catch up, check out the links below.

A Farm of Our Own

Setting Our Goals

Also Scroll down to the bottom to see a Brief Summary.

Caught up?   Good.  So here is the idea.   Anyone who can afford to share a little just drops a bit in the donate button below.  Who should do this?  If you have some spare change laying around in your PayPal account (or in that jacket you haven’t worn for months) you would be a good candidate. It is all up to you.

You see, I am very curious what could happen if the hundreds (possibly thousands) who have visited this sight over 52,000 times donated a dollar or two towards a fund to help us achieve this dream.  What do you think?  Maybe we could have a good part of our down payment ready to go.

So you ask, what’s to keep me from blowing all the money on booze and comics?  Well, just my word.  I would hope that after almost ten months and tons of embarassing pictures, you guys would know how much a share without reservation.  If anything I am TOO truthful.

If you don’t want to donate, no hard feelings.  Well, maybe a few.  But for those who do, thanks.  Let me know if this whole PayPal things works, I’ve never used it before.


Warning: This donation is NOT tax deductible. 

What will we be doing with the money?

1. Down payment on a piece of land- small to medium acreage (30-60 acres).  We are still locating the right piece of property and we are waiting to see where I end up in two to three years with my Ph.D.

2. Run a small scale animal rescue (dogs/horses).

3. Combine the animal rescue with a program for at-risk youth.  We are still learning lots about this, and it is very interesting stuff. Click here to read about one such pet training program currently employed in prisons.

4. Run a fully operational ranch and/or farm (depends on the land) where we can sell a portion of our agricultural returns and donate the rest to local individuals in need as well as local charities.  Some ideas we have include orchards, crops, milk, and eggs.  There is a big learning curve on all this stuff and I spend much of my limited free time reviewing books on these subjects.

5)  Care to make any suggestions to fill this space?  Anything I missed?  Drop a note in the comments section.

God bless you whatever you give- including those of you who give nothing.

BTW, for those of you skittish about PayPal, you can email me and drop a few small bills or a check in the mail.