Archive for September 23, 2007

So my workouts are more intense and it is working great, now what?  Well, how about taking a step back and looking at my diet.  Wow!  Much room for improvement remains.

So in addition to a workout schedule similar to last week I will be clamping down on my food intake and ending the snacks that often sneak into my mouth.  Darn clever little critters aren’t they?  This means no more bites of my daughter’s cookies, no more ice pops, no more pointless white flour I sometimes consume, and even no more buns on my Chick-fil-a grilled sandwiches.

Now let me emphasize this next point.  THIS KIND OF THING ISN’T NECESSARY for those of you just trying to lose some weight.  My goal is more than just dropping a few pounds- I’ve dropped 40 already.  My new goal is to see my abs and turn my body into a fitness machine capable of short bursts of incredible strength and speed and long periods of serious physical exertion.  This is the NEXT LEVEL!