Genius that I am I left my log book in the car.  So I had to run through my workout from memory, and now here I am trying to retell the story of today’s workout from memory.

I started with a one mile run at a 6mph pace.

From there I started my resistance training routine:

7 upside down push-ups OR Handstand push-ups

310lbs leg press for 12 reps

7 Chin-ups (almost 8)

140lbs shoulder press for 12 reps

12 Leg Lifts

180lbs lat pull down for 11 reps

12 Sit-ups with a 25lbs plate

60lb trap raise

30lbs (each hand) Bicep Curl

30lbs (each hand) overhead tricep press

30 push-ups

All-in-all an excellent workout.  I felt great after!

  1. Neil says:

    Nice weights! So do you typically do your whole body in one workout?

  2. code says:

    i envy you. i tore something in my leg and have been not been back to the gym in the last two weeks. now i have to go to PT. 😦

  3. code says:

    hey congrats on losing 40 pounds — that’s awesome

  4. Yup Neil, I ALWAYS do my whole body. I explain my reasons in another post.

  5. Rene Roussey says:

    I Must remember that, it seems that it will be very efficient. thanks

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