Due to my academic workload I skipped my sprints today.  I could have fit them in, I just got lazy.

But tomorrow I will be changing up my routine a little.

Phase 1: Bike- Goal, 2 miles.

Phase 2: Resistance Training– A focus on shoulders and lats with Chin-ups, lat pull downs, shoulder press, cable side raise, and upside down push-ups (Do a handstand with your back against the wall and push your body up).

Phase 3:  Run- Intervals. Goal, 6 cycles

  1. DulceDiana says:

    Passing by and saying “Hello”!

    What’s going with the adoption process?

  2. lifelemons says:

    Good luck accomplishing your workout!

  3. “What’s going with the adoption process?”

    Still waiting to hear back on class times and dates. It looks like the next round of classes won’t start until October.

  4. isaacme says:

    I hate to say this but you’re going to have to get used to waiting man. I know from personal experience the path to adoption is a slow, uphill one, but when you get there it is certainly worth it.

  5. Israel says:

    you lazy dog. j/k a day off now and then is good for you. makes you come back even harder and stronger.

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