Archive for September 18, 2007

Due to my academic workload I skipped my sprints today.  I could have fit them in, I just got lazy.

But tomorrow I will be changing up my routine a little.

Phase 1: Bike- Goal, 2 miles.

Phase 2: Resistance Training– A focus on shoulders and lats with Chin-ups, lat pull downs, shoulder press, cable side raise, and upside down push-ups (Do a handstand with your back against the wall and push your body up).

Phase 3:  Run- Intervals. Goal, 6 cycles

Run: 1 mile at 5.5 mph

Resistance Training:

Squats: 10 @ 250lbs

Jumping prisoner squats: 12

Chin-ups: 7

Push-ups: 35

Shoulder Press: 10 @ 150lbs

Side planks: 2 each side @ 30 seconds each

Bench Press: 8 @ 180lbs

Trap Raise: 10 @ 90lbs

Run: Intervals.  2 minutes at 5.5 mph and 1 minute at between 6.5 and 7.5.  Cycled through five times.