Monday: (A) 1.0 mile run @ faster pace (about 7.5 MPH), (B) Resistance training w/ a lot more leg work and Bench Presses AND chin-ups, and (C) 1.0 mile run (slow pace POSSIBLY w/ intervals).

Tuesday: Sprints and Jump Rope (2 minutes of jump rope alternated with 2-3 sprints). This is a lot harder than you think.

Wednesday: (A) Bike 3 miles @ slow pace, (B) Resistance training focusing mostly on shoulders, and (C) Run Intervals.

Thursday: Sprints and Jump Rope again- same as Tuesday.

Friday: (A) 1 mile run @ moderate pace, (B) Resistance training focusing on arms and core, and (C) 1 mile run @ slow pace.

Saturday and Sunday: Woohoo! Two days off

  1. Israel says:

    Where are you getting the inspiration for these workouts? Is this some plan you are following?

  2. Somewhat. I used to do strictly body-for-life, but I’ve juggled things around a lot. I am not just trying to live healthier, but I am also training for the show Ninja Warrior- so I need to build some serious real strength and stamina.

    I have cobbled together bits and pieces from lots of different programs I’ve tried over the years (I’ve been weight and cardio training on and off since I was 13 years old). I am simply trying to apply all I’ve learned from high school football and wrestling practice, countless resistance training regimens (negatives, static contraction, etc.) and a dose of common sense.

    Also knowing what I do and don’t want to accomplish is very important. If I wanted to bulk up a ton of muscle I wouldn’t be doing this program since it doesn’t give my muscles any time to grow. But I could care less how big my muscles are I care how strong they are.

    But, I guess that is a complex answer to your question. I will tell you some things I DON’T Do do though…

    1) Multiple sets of a single exercise. I do one set of as many reps as I can (aiming for 6-9 reps).

    2) Single joint exercises are a guilty pleasure since they look nice in the gym mirror. They really are quite, not useless, but overrated, when it comes to developing real world strength.

    There are other things I don’t do, but it is getting late and the ol’ brain isn’t working too well.

  3. jarvis says:

    I always like to see jump-roping in people’s workout schedules…just one of the best exercises out there. Keep up the hard work.

    Blessings In Christ Bro

  4. Israel says:

    thx for the info. why the one set per exercise plan?

  5. I agree with Arthur(?) Atlas. If you do one set with 100% intensity, correct form, and a weight you can only lift for 6-8 reps [to muscle failure] you’ve done enough. You only need to lift to a point to gain strength and muscle, anything beyond that offers at the least diminishing returns, and at the worst is counterproductive.

    So you want to do just enough exercise to gain strength and muscle mass. Anymore is likely to cut into your recovery time and at the least be a waste of your time in the gym.

  6. […] in addition to a workout schedule similar to last week I will be clamping down on my food intake and ending the snacks that often sneak into my mouth.  […]

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