Archive for September 16, 2007

Monday: (A) 1.0 mile run @ faster pace (about 7.5 MPH), (B) Resistance training w/ a lot more leg work and Bench Presses AND chin-ups, and (C) 1.0 mile run (slow pace POSSIBLY w/ intervals).

Tuesday: Sprints and Jump Rope (2 minutes of jump rope alternated with 2-3 sprints). This is a lot harder than you think.

Wednesday: (A) Bike 3 miles @ slow pace, (B) Resistance training focusing mostly on shoulders, and (C) Run Intervals.

Thursday: Sprints and Jump Rope again- same as Tuesday.

Friday: (A) 1 mile run @ moderate pace, (B) Resistance training focusing on arms and core, and (C) 1 mile run @ slow pace.

Saturday and Sunday: Woohoo! Two days off