Archive for September 14, 2007

I pushed past a mile on the treadmill alternating between 5.5 miles/hour and 7.5 miles/hour.  I felt spent after that but the weight stacks were still sending our their sirens call. 

I started by pushing my legs to the limit by alternating prisoner jumping squats with 240 lbs squats.  You’ve never seen how high you can jump until you’ve jumped after a set of squats at full intensity.   Then I tried a new exercise, a combination of chin-ups and knee ups.  It is a regualr chin-up except for that when you reach the top of the range of motion you do a knee-up, then let your knees down and return to the starting position.  They were WICKED hard!  After a set of pull-downs, side planks, and leg lifts my shoulders, lats, and abs were not happy.  I closed out with some arm and shoulder movements and beat feet to the stationary bike.

I pedaled fast enough to be challenged, but slow enough so my heart rate could drop from 168.  After about two minutes I was down to 135 bpm.  I finished out a half a mile and hit the steam room.

All in all I feel pretty good.  My body really needs this weekend to rest, because I have diabolical plans for Monday.  HA!