I have a long way to go, but today was light years better than I’ve been doing over the last couple months.  How much better?  Well, I don’t have the time to post all the details right now (stay tuned for updates), but here is the general outline.

Warm-up Cardiovascular Training: One mile run in intervals [2 min.  jogging, 1 min. sprinting , repeat four times]

Resistance Training:  A long workout- about 35-40 minutes.  I started out with a superset of jumping prisoner squats (don’t use that as a search term, you might not like what you find).  BTW a prisoner squat is a regular squat (no weights) where you hold your hands interlocked behind your head.  I did about 15 of those with a full extension and jump for each one.  Then I took two steps back and went right into my 200lb squats.  That number is so embarrassing- I should be able to do about 300+ lbs.  My upper and lower body are totally out of balance, which is something that I will need to correct.

I followed that with a combination of push-ups, reverse rows, and pull-ups.  Here is a PIECE of USEFUL ADVICE.  If you want to work on your grip strength try substituting your workout towel for actually gripping the bar- KEEP SAFETY IN MIND!  Reverse rows and pulls up are great exercises where substituting your towel for the bar (just wrap it around the bar and hold a few inches up from the ends of the towel) will build grip strength and give you a TREMENDOUS burn in your forearms.  And that kind of strength is the kind you need everyday for everything from giving a firm powerful handshake to lifting all sorts of objects.

I closed by doing supersets of tricep and bicep exercises.  Overhead extension mixed with Cable curls and then tricep pushdowns mixed with dumbbell Zottman curls.

Post Resistance Cardiovascular Training:  At this point my beating around 160 BPM.  So I hit the recumbent bike and did a nice relaxed pace mile in about 7 minutes.

Reflections: A sit in the steam room and a shower later I felt great.  My glutes and quads felt pushed to their limit and my upper arms were at one point swollen like the Goodyear blimp.  As if to reinforce the point I must share that the sweat stains my clothing were worse than they’ve ever been.  Guess I did something right.

  1. Lady Rose says:

    Sounds good! 🙂 Makes me tired just thinking about it.

    I’ve been doing my modified pushups and a few other exercises, so far the dizziness isn’t too, so as long as I don’t pass out I’ll keep doing what I can.

  2. jarvis says:

    Keep up the good work…hey, quick question: do you know any non-skin irritating remedies to remove sweat stains from clothes?

    Blessings In Christ Bro

  3. I do know one, but her name is Allison and she’s my wife- and moreover she’s already taken. HA!

  4. jarvis says:

    🙂 🙂 :)… ~audible laughing~ …:) 🙂 🙂

    Good One Bro LOL

    Blessings In Him

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  6. […] Total Transformation is increasing the intensity of his workouts – he is truly an […]

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