Protein Bar Review Number 3

Men’s Health fitness challenge retest- assuming my shoulder doesn’t give me problems.  Right now it is much better than yesterday, but I still have a lingering soreness.

BTW, I one thought a sore throat was the worst pain possible.  I have learned something worse.  Two days ago I was chewing some tasty food vigorously and bit the tip of my tongue pretty bad.  Now, even though it has healed back together, every time my tongue touches ANYTHING it hurts like all can be.   I have been carrying a bottle of Cloraseptic with me everywhere I go and spraying it on the end of my tongue about every ten minutes to numb the pain.  The hasn’t been a very good Labor day three day weekend, in case you couldn’t tell.  HA!

See you tomorrow!  May God bless your day.

  1. I’m following the protein bar results – what’s wrong with soy?

    Worst pain in the world: portuguese man-o-war. I wanted to scrape the skin on my leg off when I was on the moped on the way to the hospital, because it would have hurt less.

    Regardless, unless the stork brought your daughter, you might want to amend that, for the sake of your marriage. 😉

  2. isaacme says:

    No there are lot worse pains than sore throat. Try chicken poxs

  3. Owww, I just hate it when I bite my tongue. I want to get mad at someone but there’s no one to blame but myself. Arrrgh. Hope it feels better soon.

  4. titus2woman says:

    We are not adopting, but my beautiful cousin’s have adopted two children~one African American and one from China. I would LOVE to adopt from China for some reason, but it is not my darling’s heart. is an e-friend of mine who has one adopted daughter and is currently adopting from Haiti.

    Please give me your addy so I can send ya some more bars! titus2fam(at)yahoo(dot)com. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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