From the first bite I knew that today would be a much better day.  I was running late for my teaching job over at the community college.  I didn’t have any time even for the most rudimentary cereal- as per my normal routine- so I decided to grab one of my protein bars for review.

I ran out the door without even noticing which one I had taken.  About half way to work I realized I hadn’t eaten my breakfast yet, so I peeled back the wrapper noticing the bar was a Snickers.  I praised God for this bit of luck.  Based on the name alone I had some pretty big hopes as far as taste goes.

I wasn’t let down.  Gosh, I was amazed.  It tasted pretty much JUST LIKE a Snickers bar.  A definite 4.5 out of 5 stars on taste.  The texture was good and there was no nasty after taste- unlike some bars I could mention.

But now we get to the big question.  How healthy is it?  Well the 21g of protein are good (much of which comes from Whey), but the sugars are up around 20g.  The ingredient list is not great, but it is acceptable.  I would definitely save this bar for days when you plan on hitting the street and the weights in the same day OR as a meal replacement bar.

So here are the overall stats

Taste: 4.5 out of 5  (nothing is perfect)

Health: 3.5 out of 5 (some corn syrup and other things I am usually not to fond of)

Protein Content: 4 out of 5 (this has that dreaded soy, but at least you can’t taste it)

  1. Catherine says:

    I have to agree. With the sugars being in the high range it just seems that Snickers added protein and cut the suger of their regular candy bar.

  2. Yeah, I haven’t done a side by side comparison, but it seems they pretty much just added whey protein to the basic Snickers bar recipe. They might have cut back the sugar a bit. ALTHOUGH, I must give them credit for not replacing the sugar with that nasty sugar alcohol.

    I do think I will buy a box of these and use them as meal replacements on fast paced days or as a pre-workout bar on days when I run and lift weights- as the sugars will be important then.

  3. BTW stay tuned. After I review these bars I will be recommending a fairly well-rounded protein snack that is moderately priced (cheaper than these bars) and high in protein with low carbs. But I will only make that revelation after I complete the review process of the other bars.

  4. isaacme says:

    I was going to say… you should post the prices. Call me a cheapscape.

  5. blessed1 says:

    Yes, post the prices too! I’d be interested!

  6. I’ll post those in the final review.

  7. Shawn says:

    Since adding this bar to my daily routine I have noticed quicker results to my personal fitness (more muscle, and I loss body fat). I take the bar at 10:00 AM, hit the gym a few hours later and follow up with a shake. The bars now have around 11 g. of surgars with 28 g of protein. I get the 6 bar pack at wal mart for around $7. If your cheap like me and want results this is the way to go! However, if you still maintain a steady diet of McDonalds you are defeating the purpose.

  8. […] and reviews.  Remember the winner of my protein bar review challenge?  That’s right, the Snicker’s Marathon Bar.  I also have a recipe for some great breakfast […]

  9. Sean says:

    Never tried a snickers marathon bar. I’d personally stick with more natural bars like Probar, Larabars, and if you are concerned about protein get a Clif builders bar, 20g of protein with no sugar substitutes and 100% natural ingredients.

  10. Snickers has so much calories and transfat, it’s scary.

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