Protein Bar Review: ThinkThin…

Posted: September 3, 2007 in answers, blogging, challenge, diet, fat, fat loss, fat loss help, Food, protein bars, reviews, weight, Weight Fat Loss, Weight loss, weight loss tools

The first protein bar up for review is ThinkThin’s Chocolate Fudge bar. The ingredients looked tolerable and fairly healthy, but the presence of sugar alcohol worried me. I had high hopes for this bar based on the taste of Chocolate Fudge supposedly contained somewhere therein.

I was shockingly let down. This bar gets a 1.5 out of 5 stars. Why? Let’s start with the taste- it was barely edible. While it didn’t make me throw up, I did end up throwing away half of it to spare myself the torture of eating another bite. As if the taste wasn’t bad enough it had all the texture of shoe leather, despite being a bit easier to chew.

In addition, while it contains 20g of protein, much of that protein is in the form of soy protein. Soy protein is not as efficient or effective as whey- although the bar does contain whey protein as well.

I hope it gets better than this, it can’t get much worse.

This bar gets a 1.5 out of 5 stars

  1. Angel says:

    hiya John!..I always end up hating diet or protein foods…but once in a while a really tasty one comes along!

  2. “but once in a while a really tasty one comes along!”

    I am searching for that one!

  3. Wickedpinto says:

    those protein bars are all over the place in the service, especially during excercise, and I have tasted a great many of them.

    They all suck, best I had was, I think it was called a “kangaroo tail,” but I think that was mostly a fuel snack. Al at ColdFury, mentioned how much he liked some of the energy (calorie) supplements, I might dig up the post. My guess, is that you might wanna try some cycling shops, as well as health shops.

  4. krislinatin says:

    actually the body for life bars are pretty good, the mint choc. and peanut caramel. my son likes the cookies and cream.
    they are crunchy, not chewy, both soy and whey protein, both are good for you, especially soy for women….

  5. krislinatin says:

    how is the shoulder feeling?

  6. Wickedpinto says:

    The soy fad is SO FRIGGEN FALSE!!

    It is made up of virtually non-digestible proteins, from a plantform that is not at all dependant on mamalian consuption, unlike other beans and nuts, that require digestion for gestation (that wasn’t a jesse jackson refference, just an unfortunate use of phrase that he tarnished)

    The Best forms of digestible protein, are ALL based on animals, and the best is mamalian, as total said (whey, it’s basicaly a protein breastmilkshake, only from a cow) The others are chicken, and liver, and portions of other mammals.

    back to protein bars, talk to Al at ColdFury, he went through, basicaly what you are trying to accomplish last year.

    He was a fat pig, and didn’t want to be a fat pig, so he joined with a few other people, and I think he won. (of course his focus was cycling, not a complete lifestyle change) but he did a damn good job, in fact, I made fun of him for posting a pic of him in bicycle shorts, that consisted of, something like “yeah, it’s cool you aren’t fat, but really dude? do we need to see your junk?”

    Back on point, I think that if you are still working at it, you might be able to get some tips form al.

    Also, stay away from flora protein, use fauna. Stay away from fauna Vit C,D,A and shit. Basicaly, eat everything, just keep up your current regime.

    Last I saw, your current regime is . . .

    Well. . .

    No offense, but. . .

    Well, it’s weak. Push, as long as your heart can take. I never ran more than a few blocks at a time, and I remember my DI saying (he ran competatively in Marathons, FRIGGEN MARATHONS!!!) “you hurting boy!”

    “You ain’t hurting, and you ain’t giving it your all, all you have is to make that line, make that line. If you are breathing after, you didn’t give it your all. You got a lot more than you think, and I don’t think you have all that much! If you cross that line and start to die, I will believe you.”

    He was. . . .well, he was a DI.

    I totaly lost track, can I have a monkey?

  7. “how is the shoulder feeling?”

    A little better. The intense pains have gone away.

    And Wicked, I just don’t know how to respond to that. I can tell you we don’t sell monkeys here- neither do we give them away.

    But yeah, my cardio routine is pretty weak. I acknowledge that. But I am working on it now that I have access to some pretty awesome stuff.

  8. You’re more than welcome to try my bar. Its called the “Protein Bar,
    Fudgy Brownie with Almonds” and its available at Take care and God bless.

  9. Reid Cutrer says:

    I am doing some heavy bodybuilding workouts and of course protein bars come in handy. `

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