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Learn all about conspiracy theories here. Especially, learn how to know if you are the target of an overly complex plot to…well find out here.

It’s that time again, time to catch up with all the creepy and odd search terms that brought readers to my blog.

Well let’s begin with the freaky people obsessed with seeing fat and/or fat people doing things:

fat rolls; fat guy sitting; fat men in khakis; fat gut guy; [and perhaps the most disturbing AND odd] PICTURES/ FAT WOMAN POPPING A BUTTON.

I hope this isn’t anything gross, but I am SO pessimistic about people and their search terms:

potty blog; boobs before after pregnancy pictures; girl potty; sex change before and after pics

Here come the odd weight loss plans and strategies:

mucinex D lose weight

I guess it can be?!

funny fat

What did God say about this topic?  Maybe it was Elijah who spoke about this:

prophecies about autism

If you ask this question you just might be fat:

what type of cake is my personality?

I am so NOT a bad guy, but then again, how do I explain this search term referring back to my site:

a villain

And I will close with the erudite and yet emphatic search term [all emphasis contained in the original]: