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Warning:  The rest of this post does contain some sexual subjects.


Phase 1. Building shoulder strength and balance.

There are really two parts to this.  First, getting used to being upside down can be quite a chore for the uninitiated.  Second, developing the upper body strength to hold your legs balanced and your body straight is the hardest part.

So devote several weeks to building up your upper body (shoulders and lats)  and core strength.  For shoulders you shoulder definitely include chin-ups, shoulder presses, reverse rows, and shrugs in your routine.  For your core try including some challenging exercises like one-legged squats and wood choppers (cable or weighted ball).

Also, start assuming the position so to speak.  Find a good wall, tuck your head and push your legs up letting your hamstrings come to rest against the wall.  Hold that position for as long as you can.  Please, try not to break your neck.

Phase 2.   Modified Handstand Push-ups.


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Musings, Rants, and Monologues 

Coming tomorrow, one of the most important exercises you can do AND you can do it almost anywhere and incorporate into your workout for a full upper-body experience and core workout.  Check in tomorrow for details on going from vertical to upside down in ten weeks.

This will be a short post.  I ended up crashing half way through my resistance training.  I have a feeling it had to do with the poor food choices I made yesterday and my calorically insufficient breakfast.  Well, I think my body needed one more day off.

Better luck tomorrow! 

So my workouts are more intense and it is working great, now what?  Well, how about taking a step back and looking at my diet.  Wow!  Much room for improvement remains.

So in addition to a workout schedule similar to last week I will be clamping down on my food intake and ending the snacks that often sneak into my mouth.  Darn clever little critters aren’t they?  This means no more bites of my daughter’s cookies, no more ice pops, no more pointless white flour I sometimes consume, and even no more buns on my Chick-fil-a grilled sandwiches.

Now let me emphasize this next point.  THIS KIND OF THING ISN’T NECESSARY for those of you just trying to lose some weight.  My goal is more than just dropping a few pounds- I’ve dropped 40 already.  My new goal is to see my abs and turn my body into a fitness machine capable of short bursts of incredible strength and speed and long periods of serious physical exertion.  This is the NEXT LEVEL!

My Friday workout, which I thought was a clumsy attempt by a non-professional to construct a core workout, has produced amazing results.  I am feeling pain in muscles like I haven’t felt in a long time.  Muscle that my other workouts don’t seem to reach.

Those 12 reps (each side) of uneven squats with 90 pounds of weight have my legs hurting more than 300lbs of regular squats ever could!  The cable wood choppers combined with the reverse cable flyes have my lats and abs experiencing the kind of good pain that most bodybuilders craze as confirmation of results.

I think this workout (with slight variations) shall remain a Friday staple of my fitness regimen.