Tomorrow’s Big Workout; Next Week’s Evaluation…

Posted: August 30, 2007 in diet, education, fat, graduate school, two-week transformation challenge, weight, Weight Fat Loss, weight gain loss, weight lifting, Weight loss, weight loss for men

Tomorrow is a big workout, as it will be my last workout until I do a reassessment for the Men’s Health Fitness Challenge.    I plan on demolishing my body tomorrow and then giving it 4 days to get ready for the reassessment.  I will post on that workout tomorrow or the next day.
It’s been a busy time around here completing my first full week of Ph.D. course work and teaching- which I as usual stressed out about WAY too much. I have now taught two classes (Western Civilization & U.S. History to 1877), and in my own estimation, I’ve done a pretty good job. Why do I think so? I have been able to work from memory, move around the room, and engage students.

So despite my fears, I feel that to some degree I’ve overcome them.

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