Here it is, as simply as I can put it:

Indulgence days aren’t optional, they are essential!

Yeah, I know, you’ve spent the last few months (or years) carefully watching every calorie lest you eat 1 calorie too much.  And this might seem counter-intuitive, but trust me on this.  I stumbled on this by accident.

As many of you know I was stuck somewhere between 168.5 and 170.5 for about 70 days or so.  I also had no change in either muscle growth or waist shrinkage.  Both numbers remained the same for that 70 day period.

Last week, as I had company in town, I ended up taking two days off my diet for the sake of convenience.  Keep in mind I DID NOT take off time from my workouts.  On the first night I ate three VERY large slices of pizza and a few garlic knots, and on the second night I ate a delicious Checkers’ burger with small fries.  Sure, on those nights I weighed in at about 170.2, but I felt fine and my waist measurement never went up.

The next day I got back to basics and stuck with my meal plan and ran through a good resistance training workout and a short cardio session (part walk, part interval training).

The next day I rested and ate well.

On the fourth day I stepped on the scale…

The result was a weigh-in at 166.6 [I am keeping my fingers crossed that this doesn’t indicate that I am the anti-Christ.  If so Barrack Obama might get mad.]   These numbers are huge as I hadn’t even broken the 168 boundary line in a LONG time.  The 166 figure is my lowest weight since my Sophomore year of college.   Add to this a much more toned body, and a waist measurement that has now decreased to about 33 and 1/4.

So now I would encourage you to give it a shot.  What is the worst that could happen?  You gain a half a pound or so?  If you are plateauing maybe this is just the thing you need to break out and convince your body that you aren’t starving.

My two week total transformation challenge to you is…

Take two days over each of the following two weeks and eat either a lunch or dinner you normally wouldn’t.  Eat two or three slices of cheese pizza, eat a Burger King burger with a small onion ring, whatever floats you boat.  Let yourself consume about 300-500 more calories than your body requires.  I forgot to mention that one of those nights I had a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone.

Stay focused on your workouts and enjoy your free days.  Tell me how it works out at the end of those two weeks.  Did you jump start your weight loss?

  1. isaacme says:

    Motivation is key. When you plateau, don’t ever keep on doing the same thing. Find something to motivate you. Good advice TT.

  2. Catherine says:

    Awesome job! I’ve read that switching up your exercise routine, finding a new activity, or yes even eating more calories will help launch you weight loss.

  3. Jayleigh says:

    In my diet plan, they have this built into the maintenance phase. You are to let yourself gain 3 pounds and then get back on track to take it off.

    Essentially, it revs up your metabolism and you’re taking the weight off quicker and quicker each time until you gain the three pounds and turn around and lose it in a week. The idea is that even if you goof up for a week, that you can get your weight back under control in a hurry.


    Rock on. I’m 5’11” and weighed 165 when I graduated from High School… but I did play basketball and run track. I was a stick.

  4. 5’11″…wow! My wife is 5′ even. I am only 5′ 9 1/2″ (and I cling to that half an inch).

  5. This is a very interesting concept to me. I am short (like your wife!). I am genetically lean, but at 5’2″ I can pack on 5 pounds and it makes a huge difference. I have never dieted to any extreme, but I DO DO DO allow myself treats (mostly mocha chunk ice cream) at least twice a week when I am trying to lose those 5 pounds. Like Jayleigh says, it revs up metabolism. I have found that this works when I am on vacation. I eat sensibly, allow for the treats of that particular country or region, and then add just an extra mile or so to my daily walk. I feel great, get to “taste” local culture, and maintain or actually LOSE weight! Great post! Great advice! And congratulations!
    Sharon – Pinks & Blues Girls

  6. Sheesh, I could have told you that chocolate helps you lose weight. After subsisting on a diet of chocolate and coffee and the occasional nut or piece of dried fruit for three days, I arrived at the Queen of Sword’s house and realised that I had lost five pounds.

    I hesitate to think of what a blimp I would be without my daily dose of chocolate chip cookies, ice cream, Dove, truffles, and/or the like.

  7. jarvis says:

    Hey Bro, have a question for you today…have you or do you know of anyone who has gone on a nutri-diet(hope that’s the right one) or similar plan, but basically it is a diet schedule were every meal is prepared for you for thirty days, either shipped to your door or you pick a week’s supply ever weekend? I have never met anyone who has used them, but figured you might know.


  8. Jayleigh says:

    OK I’m 5′ 10 3/4″. Does that make me a liar, or just someone who rounds up?

    My hubby is 5’9″ and I’m always taller than him, no matter what shoes I wear. 🙂

  9. Lady Rose says:

    Calorie rotation can be a very successful tactic for most folks.

    Unfortunately it never works for me — I end up gaining like 5 lbs from one meal and it can takes weeks to recover and get back on track – my I have like 0 metabolism

    For 99% of population this is an excellant way to jump start losing again and get over a plateau – keeps the body a bit confused so it doesn’t just get used to the lower calories.

  10. Joseph says:


    I echo the sentiments of those above. Thank you for the advice and encouragement. And to think, I was recently obsessing over a 21 day plateau!
    As always, thanks!

    Vital stats (today vs April 1st):
    weight 203 vs 245lbs
    BP 120s/60s vs 130s/80s
    BMI 27 vs 33
    waist 35 vs 42

  11. Mucho Congrats Joseph!

    That waist measurement is excellent news. Buy new pants yet? Or wearing the old ones- as I like to call them trash bag pants, since that is how they fit.

  12. cavmom says:

    I am afraid that I will not stop if I let myself indulge in junk food. If I open the bag of chips, will I be able to just eat a handful, or will I consume the entire bag?

    It is so much easier to avoid the sinful stuff. I do let myself eat an occasional cheeseburger.

    Congrats on breaking the plateau!

  13. Prettygirl says:

    Jarvis: I tried Nutri-system and the food is horendous. But now I am on Jenny Craig and I love it. So far, I am down 10 pounds and about 10 inches and the food is great!!!!

    Thanks for the advice about the plateua. I will make sure I eat out when I dont lose weight!

  14. jarvis says:

    Prettygirl – Thanks…I love to cook & prepare nearly every meal for myself, but will check out the two systems you mentioned to see what they consider a balanced diet over a month’s time…am hoping to get some new recipe ideas and alter them to my taste.


  15. titus2woman says:

    I needed a post like this. I’d like to do like BFL and put a cheat in once a week!

    btw~I’m not one to enjoy cleaning usually, and I’m glad to report that I am enjoying this new leaf! Before I always referred to myself as the fiddler of the “Arkasas Traveler”. LOL! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  16. diet plan says:

    I try to eat as clean as possible most of the time with nicely balanced and nutritious meals.There are so many different and conflicting messages on which diet plan is the best. I agree that an occasional cheat is good for the body and mind.

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