Archive for August 21, 2007

Thanks to all the weight I’ve lost combined with the strength I’ve gained, I can now bench press more that I weigh. This is excellent news. Why? Because your bench press to body-weight ratio is an important number and also a source of a good deal of pride.

My current ratio is 1.07 OR 107%. I am shooting for a 200 lb bench press tomorrow. If I complete that lift my ratio will be 1.19 OR 119%. [To get your ratio divide the weight lifted by your weight.]  My goal is to hit 135% within three months.  Assuming I stay the same weight I would need a 225 lb bench press to accomplish that goal.  I think that is very achievable!

BTW I got a blood pressure and pulse check today. My B/P is 108/65 and my resting pulse was around 70. When I started back in February my B/P was 129/76 and my resting pulse was 79.