Well there are several big things coming up over the next couple of weeks.

First, I am taking the Men’s Health fitness challenge.  I encourage you guys to try it out too.  The test has five simple components: one mile run, vertical jump, chin-up, and push-up, and one-legged squat.  How many of each can you do?  Click here for more details.

I will post my results tomorrow after I take the test sometime in the afternoon.  Check back for my results.

Second, I will soon learn how well I can juggle taking two colloquium classes with grading papers and teaching three classes (two American History courses, and one Western Civ. course).  Keep me in your prayers.  I tend to get very stressed out in these kind of situations.

Third, I will be experimenting with a mixture of static contraction and negatives in my workout in an effort to cut my workout time by one quarter of the time it currently takes.  My plan, as it stands now, is to cut my sets down- no more than one set per exercise.  No more than seven exercises in a routine.  Each exercise will have ZERO full range repetitions.   Instead I will go 25-50% above my one-rep max (for a full range movement) and perform either 3-5 negatives or 50-100% above my one-rep max and perform one static hold for 15-20 seconds.

Can I drop my workout from 35 minutes to 12-15 minutes?  Can I cut out 20 or so while making similar (if not greater) gains in strength and muscle mass?  I will let you know what I discover.

  1. Neil says:

    Looking forward to hearing how the new routine goes. I tend to stick with my routines too long and get stale.

    Can’t remember if I shared this or not, but I found a very intense type of set. Use a light weight (basically warm-up type level) and do 5 fast reps (after warming up), 5 super-slow reps (5 seconds up, 5 seconds down) then 5 regular reps. It takes over a minute but really works the muscles.

  2. jarvis says:

    Cool link…it is the first time I have seen the single-leg squat done that way, will have to give it a try.

    Blessings In Christ Bro

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