My First Time Blogging from UNC-G Campus…

Posted: August 16, 2007 in blogging, education, graduate school

Well after I got the 1 hour and 45 minute drive out of the way, things didn’t get much better.  I walked all the way across campus to the wrong H.R. department only to find the correct H.R. department was right next to where I had parked.  Doh!  Who would have thought they would have two different H.R. departments- one for regular employees and one for grad student employees.

But at least I got registered for classes- each class requires the purchase of 14 books.  That’s right, I said EACH class.

On the down side I had planned to hit the gym, and I mean an actual gym, for the first time since last year only to find it is closed for the next three days so the campus athletes can use it.  Darn over-privileged jocks- I can say that since I used to be one.  But on the upside, I’ve walked at least 2 miles today and will probably hit 3 miles before the day is over.  I guess the workout will have to wait until tomorrow or Saturday.

Well I am off to meet with my new boss/professor.

  1. Neil says:

    Two HR departments? What a waste.

  2. I know. I just wanted to pull my hair out and scream, “WHY?”

  3. Jane says:

    By my calculations that is 28 total books… yikes!

  4. “By my calculations that is 28 total books… yikes!”

    Yup. Each class expects us to read a book a week.

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