Who is the Best Female News Personality?

Posted: August 6, 2007 in and Monologues, answers, blogging, Blogs, Musings, my life, News, Rants, television, video, writing

Who is the best female news personality? The answer is easy. Wanna find out? Good. I knew I could sucker you in…err….I mean interest you. Just click here to find out.

Remember every time you click a Google ad on jjkaiser.blogspot.com and angel gets his wings. Okay, maybe an angel doesn’t get wings, I mean, theologically speaking, I think they come equipped with them, and when we die we don’t become angels.

But all that aside, every click on an ad is a click to keep my wife happy. And a happy wife lets me blog more. Guilt trip effective? I will be checking my Google ad stats to be sure. And so help me if they aren’t higher than last night [which by the way wouldn’t be hard since last night the counter read ZERO hits.]. I just might post a blog entry about it. And then you would have to read it. And none of us want that.

  1. Debbie says:

    She is beautiful.

  2. Tammi says:

    Call me stupid, but I’m not seeing the google ads? I’ll click yours if you click mine. 😉

    Oh yeah, if you get a chance could you change your link to me to my new place at http://conservablogs.com/sunflowerdesert ? Thanks much and have a great day!

  3. Rosemary says:

    Hi. I found a larger map, so I added it to the article. You should be able to see the threats in the ME from this one. 😉

  4. “Call me stupid, but I’m not seeing the google ads? I’ll click yours if you click mine.”

    All the ad content up and down the left side of the page.

  5. krislinatin says:

    she is really not that good looking, she looks like she has had plastic surgery, her face is tight.
    a 60 inch TV?!?!
    in the words of jack N.
    ‘you can’t handle a 60 inch TV’
    hehe, sorry, had to go there…
    Keep glorifying God..on whatever blog you are one!
    Home Engineer

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