If you want to know more about me, read these posts, which are the most revealing and transparent posts I’ve ever written. They will give you much more insight than the About ME page ever could.

The Joy of Watching God Work in Your Life.

The Joy of a Real Accomplishment.

The Day it All Started.

The Day I Realized my Dreams were Within my Reach.

And there is also my first blog.  I reveals a whole different side of me.

  1. Vicki says:

    *LOL* You are funny.

    Thank you for coming by my blog, and leaving me a note about my troubles! I had thought of bed bugs, or any other kind of bug, but had gradually ruled them out…they have been sleep in the livingroom floor for the past couple of weeks, because it’s so hot upstairs, plus I myself, and my other daughter have slept in the same places and don’t have a bite to show for it!!

    High Carb dinner?? Okay, has been a day or two since I took a “Eat Healthy” class…Care to refresh my memory?? I’m willing to try ANYTHING to get them to go to sleep in less than 2 hours (am hoping for like a 30 minute window, but don’t know if they will ever get THAT good!)

    Again, thanks for stopping by!! Oh, I did an update on Des too, because I took her to the Dr. today…here’s the link if you are interested…http://prairierosesamongthorns.com/vblog/2007/08/07/desi-update/

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