Tired of the same old push-up? I Guess you haven’t read my surprisingly popular Push-ups post. But now I have another push-up to add to the 21 push-up list.

Oh yes, I’ve found a new push-up. It has all the elements of a good push-up. It uses your full body weight, it requires some balance, and lets you work on muscle coordination all at the same time. Did I forget to mention, it requires a few extra materials. But don’t worry, you can acquire all the materials needed for this push-up for less than $5.

Just take one of these…

Juice Can

Doesn’t matter what kind of juice you get, but I suggest buying something you like to drink. I personally enjoyed the pineapple juice (which I mixed with seltzer water).

And add one of these…

Wood plank

Whatever you have laying around the yard will probably work. 4×2, whatever feels best. The only important thing about the wood you choose is that it should be about 1 1/2 times shoulder width.

Now, I would normally show you photos of me doing these push-ups, but unfortunately some moron (me) dropped my digital camera and broke it. So you will just need to use your imagination. Before you do anything fill the juicy juice can with sand or anything solid and close it up (I used a lid and some electrical tape).

Now, lay the can on its side and and place your wood plank as close to centered as you can get on the can. Assume classic push-ups position with one hand on each side of the wood plank. Balance will be key. It will be awkward for the first few reps, but stick with it.

These will help you build muscular coordination. Warning: if you start to slip just fall to your knees and keep your hands on the plank, lest it come up and slap you in the face.

As always, I don’t guarantee that this exercise is safe, so if you injure yourself, sorry buddy.

  1. This is all too technical. I’m still struggling to get off my knees when I do push-ups. And I’d hate to get splinters.

  2. Well most new boards shouldn’t cause any problems. Otherwise try some gloves or a new piece of wood.

    I love these push-ups now that I have the hang of how to do them. It makes me concentrate on balance and makes for real world strength.

  3. Fang says:

    This would be good for core strength too.

  4. “This would be good for core strength too.”

    I am all about building real world strength. A Core strength is are the core (pun intended) of real world strength.

    It is one thing to do a dead lift and another to lift a large rock. I would rather be able to move a big rock than dead lift a bar bulging with weight plates.

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