Well today was the start of my (insert large number here) Two Week Total Transformation Challenge  [I really should trademark that].  So last night I sat and thought about how to make this two weeks different from the more than a dozen challenges that preceded it.  The answer…

…This is going to be the most intense and physical two weeks thus far.  Workouts will be structured differently, with three days a week of cardio, resistance training, and cardio in the same day.  This will help prepare me for the coming semester when I will be on the road four hours a day several days a week.

I am also restarting my running program to establish a better endurance base.  Today I followed the third week of the  Couch to 5K program over at coolrunning.com.  Well sort of.  I ended up doing a bit more and alternating 90 seconds running and 60 seconds of walking after three minutes of walking to warm up [See chart below].

In addition, my resistance training sessions will be shorter but more intense.  I have trimmed out some single joint exercises that snuck in over the last month or so.  I am putting a heavy reliance on the basics: squats, push-ups, dead lifts, and such. All of these training sessions will begin with sprints (working my way from 5 to 10).  I am also going to cool down by jumping rope- a very undervalued cardio tool these days.

I will close out my day with a good old fashioned walk with the dogs.

I look forward to seeing where this leads.

My starting numbers are 169.8 lbs, and 34 inches around the waist.

Running Chart:

3 min. walk              3:00

1 1/2 min. run         4:30

1 min. walk            5:30

1 1/2 min. run       7:00

1 min. walk            8:00

1 1/2 min. run       9:30

1 min. walk            10:30

1 1/2 min. run      12:00

1 min. walk            13:00

2 min. run              15:00

1 min. walk            16:00

1 1/2 min. run       17:30

1 min. walk            18:30

1 1/2 min. run       20:00

2 min. walk            22:00

  1. Lady Rose says:

    awesome !

    I’ll be happy if I manage to do 30 mins five times this week on my stationary bike – but for me that is like doing a 5k

  2. Catherine says:

    Sounds like an awesome routine! I’m trying to do two miles a day currently I’m at one mile.

  3. Michelle says:

    Hey, thats great! I had to sit down yesterday and figure out a new routine as well because what I was doing wasn’t working. I am aiming to run 4x a week which was my first goal, but now last week I only ran 2x. I lost my ambition somewhere so I had to really sit and think about my goals last night and reconsider why I am doing what I’m doing. Sigh. I have to take baby steps because otherwise it just seems like I’ll never get there.

    Great job on all you’ve done so far! It’s inspiring.

  4. “I lost my ambition somewhere so I had to really sit and think about my goals last night and reconsider why I am doing what I’m doing.”

    There are many moments like that. The only way to overcome them is to keep your goals clearly in mind. Keep your focus ahead of you, not on the ground underneath you, and you will find it much easier to push through.

  5. Jamie says:

    Your fitness bootcamp sounds like a good two weeks of fun 😉
    Sticking to the basics like squats and deadlifts – you can’t go wrong. Good luck!

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