Spam Comments: Beyonce’s Breasts and Beyond

Posted: July 29, 2007 in beyonce, blogging, cat fight, celebrities, current events, entertainment, Funny, humor, internet scams, joke, kinky friedman, links, nigerian scams, scams, search terms, sickness, sin, spam, wickedness

Taking a trip through your Askimet spam folder is like taking a jaunt through the red light district of freakiness. I certainly don’t recommend it for the faint of heart or strict of morals. But if you do cruise your Askimet folder, you will never fail to find something shocking or disgusting. The world apparently has no shortage of nasty fetishes and weirdos willing to spam my (and your blog) with links.

These strange comments range from the mundane celebrity nudity claims [Beyonce’s Breasts, Lohan’s Crotch, etc.] to the especially freaky and downright contemptible and disgusting [pre-teen girls, pee drinking] and other things that send shivers of revulsion down your spine.

But one particular comment stands out. I received this comment about a month ago. [I have removed the offensive material]

Adulthood can be defined in terms of biology, law, personal character, or social status. However, the degree to which biological and environmental factors contribute to the psychosocial aspects of sexual differentiation, and even the interrelationships between the various psychosocial aspects of differentiation, is less well understood as illustrated by the ongoing nature versus nurture debate.

Most modern societies determine legal adulthood based on reaching a legally-specified age without requiring a demonstration of physical maturity or preparation for adulthood. Discordance is the
term used to describe the extent to which people differ from the usual biological and psychosocial types described above. “Adult” also means “not considered suitable for children,” in particular as a euphemism for being related to sexual behaviour, such as adult entertainment, adult video, adult magazine, adult bookstore.

A proponent of this movement away from polar oppositions, Anne Fausto-Sterling, recognized five sexes: male, female, merm (male pseudohermaphrodite), ferm (female pseudohermaphrodite) and herm (true hermaphrodite) or immunities to members of the class; it also takes the form of adultism, which is a predisposition towards adults, inherently biased.

A seemingly interesting comment. However in its original form the comment had porn links between each sentence. These links led the reader to such interesting and thought provoking [sarcasm intended] topics as “Boob got Mommy” (whatever that means) and “Fem Dom,” and several other links that didn’t disclose their perverse nature. The comments author’s name was “Mr. Chew Asian Beaver”- a more classy and dignified nom de plume never existed.

Oh what a bastion of filth and depravity my spam filter has become. But better there than on my blog pages, I always say. Now, here’s to laughing in advance at the perverts whose web search for “Beyonce’s boobs” brings him here. Heck, maybe he will need to lose weight?!

  1. Neil says:

    I’ve thought the same thing – what bizarre things these people say! I am as irritated at the spammers as I am at those who actually keep the spammers in business by clicking the links and buying things!

    I try not to read the sp*m comments themselves since they are pornographic themselves. But every now and then someone’s legitimate comment will get caught there.

  2. Askimet often catches my comments on MY OWN blog. So I frequently wander through there to make sure no unfortunate soul’s comment got lost.

  3. Michelle says:

    Now, here’s to laughing in advance at the perverts whose web search for “Beyonce’s boobs” brings him here

    No kidding! I just looked at my spam comments and that was the first time I’ve ever done that and I was really grossed out. It never fails to amaze me how sick and perverted people are…

  4. You are just asking for trouble with this post! hahaha!

    I try to go through my spam every so often just to make sure a legitimate comment is not stuck in there. I try very hard not to read anything in it – I just scroll very quickly through it so that I can get to the bottom and hit delete! It’s usually pretty easy to tell by glancing at the screen what is spam and what is not. Since my computer has been down I haven’t been in there though so I probably have too long of a list to go through now! UGH! I’m amazed that people will spend their time writing the things that end up in spam folders! YUCK!

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  6. Writing about our Askimet spam must be in the air this week. I posted on this a couple of days ago, then chanced on your blog via one of my regular reads today. Cheers to you!

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  8. I used to go through the spam, but got so sick and tired of wading through all those links that had titles which brought out the worst in mind images, that I just gave up and delete it and hope nobody commented with lots of links.

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