My Old Blog: Introducing the Classic Posts

Posted: July 28, 2007 in blogging, Blogs, change, classic post, creation, faith, fat blogging, History, humor, Me, negative people, personal, Politics, Religion

Long before there was the Total Transformation Test blog there was “Musing, Rants, and Monologues.” It was my first blog and it ran from June 2005 through August of 2006. M.R.M. represents a different phase in my life, and a very different writing style. My writing was a bit less polished, my humor and criticism much more caustic, and my topics much more political.

On this blog I try my best (often without success) to avoid political topics- as this is primarily a weight loss blog. I don’t want my radical right wing libertarian politics to drive away those interested in losing weight and beginning a healthy lifestyle.

However, after going over some blog posts from the old blog (for some unknown reason) I can’t resist introducing a new kind of blog post entitled “Classic Posts.” These Classic Posts will highlight posts from the old blog that I consider hidden gems- in an otherwise poorly maintained and inconsistent (not to mention poorly read) blog.

I hope you enjoy.  And my sincerest apologies in advance to all those offended by much more acerbic humor.  Thankfully, over the last year or so God has granted me much more peace in my life.  I have been blessed that for the most part I have left the anger behind.

  1. lifelemons says:

    This should be fun! I always love reading other blogs people have out there!

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