The Joy of Watching God Work in Your Life…

Posted: July 25, 2007 in adoption, blessings, child, children, Christ, Christianity, church, conviction, faith, family, finances, financial aid, God, life, Me, praise, praised, prayer, prayer request

I would have posted earlier, but my wife didn’t want me to blog about these blessings until we watched them play out a bit more.  However, I can’t contain my joy any longer and after spilling the beans to Neil over at 4Simpsons a week ago, I am going to share God’s gracious actions in our life with all of you.

As all of you who read this blog know, my wife and I have decided to pursue adoption.   Our choice (and our agreement) resulted from a rather miraculous experience- and I don’t mean simply the miracle of getting your wife to agree with you (you know what I mean husbands).

I had felt led for about a week or more that we needed to pursue adoption.  Yet this prompting wasn’t just a vague “we need to adopt,” but a much more specific, “we need to adopt an older child from the North Carlina foster care system.”  My wife and I had never discussed this kind of adoption before and I didn’t know how she would respond.  One night after we settled in and Sasha was asleep I turned to my wife and told her, “Honey, I think the Lord is leading us toward adoption.”  I shared with her the specifics and she sat there with her mouth agape.  I assumed this meant that she was angry or totally turned off by the idea.  Then she looked me dead in the eyes and said, “I’ve felt led the same way for a while now.”  At that point I was already amazed that God had simultaneously and independently convicted us of the same thing.

Ever since then something strange has been happening.  Several weeks ago, we realized how bad our finances were (living for two months on one months worth of pay).  I told my wife to have faith, God would provide.  She muttered under her breath that the only way it would happen was if someone walked up and gave us money.

Well over the last three days several brothers at church walked up to me and handed me envelopes with cash. I didn’t know what to say.  My wife cried.  And just last night one of my wife’s co-workers called her up and told her that she had just received a rebate check for an overpayment on her mortgage closing.  She said that when she got the check she heard a still small voice say, “This is for Sasha’s Little Gym payment.”  [Little Gym is a gymnastics program that my daughter attends]  My first thought was, boy we could use that $300 bucks for something else, isn’t gymnastics a want?  Then I thought, what does God have in mind?  Someone in that program we need to witness to?

In addition, God has brought into our lives several people- adoptive parents and adoptive children.  In my wife’s class this year she has a student who is adopted.  Moreover, his adoptive mother, as it turns out, was also an adopted child.  One of her coworkers adopted four children, who just moved in with the family this month.   I love watching God put together this tremendous support network even as we’ve just begun this process.

So as this process has already started off so well, I would ask for your continued prayers.  First, pray that the Lord helps us get our house in order financially, spiritually, and every other way necessary so whoever our new children might be, their transition would be gentle, easy, and comfortable.  Second, please pray that God begins preparing the child (or children) that He wishes us to adopt, and that He also prepares us to see that (those) special child(ren) that He  wants us to adopt- and that we might ignore our own selfish preferences.

  1. Angel says:

    what a blessing!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Joseph says:


    Your post brought tears to my eyes and that is not an easy accomplishment. I will keep you, your wife, and family in my prayers.


    Kind of like watching Old Yeller. I don’t know why, maybe a man thing, but I try not to let my wife catch me crying. Truth is though, from time to time, we all need a good cry. heaven knows when I red the stories about the things these children have dealt this (sexual abuse, neglect, a parent more interested in getting high than being their mom or dad) I cried a lot. We take for granted the opportunities we have in life. I thought I had it bad because my parents divorced when I was about one year old. We could all use a reminder every now and again that there are folks out there who have it a lot worse. So it is our obligation to end our pity party and get to work.

  3. jarvis says:

    all :)s bro…that is just Awesome…


  4. Michelle says:

    That is awesome! Thanks for sharing those blessings with us. I am confident God will work out all the details. Really cool how God works on hearts–like He did with your wife and you. I’ve had times like that with my husband too where we sit down and talk and I say something and he was like “me too!”. It’s really amazing how God reaches to the both of you without you even saying anything about it to each other.

    What amazed and floored me about this experience was the specific nature of our conviction. We had talked in the past of adopting a baby, but only after we had two or three children. And there had been some friction in our marriage in the last few months over my wife’s desire to have another child within the next year. I didn’t think it was a good idea with our finances still up in the air, and with daycare running about $550/month. So for her to arrive at the same conclusion and give up her position on having another child in the immediate future was nothing short of miraculous. I am so glad that God has opened our hearts to this opportunity to worship Him in all we do, including welcoming into our home one or two or three wonderful young children.

  5. Jane says:

    That is just amazing. I am so happy for your family!

  6. lifelemons says:

    How awesome! I am so happy for you!

  7. missy says:

    Your story touched me so much. I will be sure to include you and your wonderful family in my prayers! Surely God has such an awesome plan at work right now in your lives. How exciting for you all!!

  8. God bless you, John.

    I hope all goes well and that the process goes smoothly. I would be definitely interested in your experience. There are quite a few people that I work with that have adopted children. It is a blessing indeed.

    I’m sure you’ll have a lot of things to do but keeping a “lessons learned” diary would be a wonderful resource that you could later share tips from with the rest of us.


  9. David says:

    Yuck! Another Christian forcing their religion on an innocent child. How sad.

    If it eases your sadness, the child (or children) we adopt will most likely already be a Christian. Thanks for stopping by. God bless.

  10. David says:

    If you honestly believe that it is even sadder. Christians should not be allowed to adopt children. Their religion is tantamount to child abuse. I hope your adopted child will resist your brainwashing.

    Don’t get too upset, you will get your chance to undo all that brainwashing when they attend public school 😉

  11. missy says:

    TT–That last comment about the public schools just officially added you to my fav’s list of blogs. That was awesome. 🙂

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  13. faithwalk says:

    There is such a need for these precious kids to have loving and godly homes. I will pray for you all as you go through the process. May the Lord truly guide your steps, giving you wisdom, discernment and just the perfect child for your family.

    Blessings to you both and to your future son or daughter, or both!


  14. pinkemeralds says:

    WOW!!! it is wonderful how G-d works…I just started to blog about my journey in adopting and working in the Child Welfare system in NC!!! I’m so glad I read this one, I read the blog about getting to know you and this was the first one. It was the right one. You’re alright with me. 🙂

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