Chris Benoit Death Video

Nothing like a good old fashioned perverse interest in finding the latest video of someone offing them self and their family.

fat, skinny hands, big head

Fat + skinny hands + big head = my condolences.

fat guy at beach

Where? I didn’t know anyone actively looked for a “fat guy at the beach.” Either someone has a weird fetish or they are looking for someone enduring similar circumstances. If it is the latter, I sincerely hope they aren’t looking for tips on how to wear a Speedo.

boobs are to my waist

Sounds like an interesting problem. I hear a bra can solve that- at least when worn.

hannibal lector personality analysis

Do you like to eat brains?

Grocery stores that carry Nilla Wafers

Might have been easier to find stores that don’t carry Nilla Wafers.

usa publications mothers catfight

Cat-fight? Sorry, my ears perked up. Must be a guy thing. This does appear to be a exceedingly random combination of search terms.

no legged push ups

If you can levitate why do you even need to do push-ups?


Don’t look at me!

fat guys eating

Another weird fetish or, well, I don’t know what else this could be.

twelve second challenge, work out

Sounds like the most efficient workout EVER!

before after 13 year old man boobs

Gosh, this must be crazy creepy fetish week on search engines. But don’t bother looking here for such since my man boobs didn’t come into being until I was 24- well over 13 years old. Gosh, something about this one is especially creepy.

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  2. everydaymiracle says:

    I get some of the same “sicko” ones over and over. I have to struggle not to fret about the state of the world. Yuck.


  3. Wow… it really must have been crazy fetish week for you!

    The weirdest one I’ve gotten is “pachyderm trail.”

  4. You crack me up!! The boobs hanging down and your bra comment were great! Thanks for the laugh. 🙂

  5. Michelle says:

    You crack me up with these. I was laughing through all of those. I need to go look at mine now…hmm. Yeah, whats up with the fetish stuff? WEIRD.

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  7. Lolly says:

    HaHa…Thanks for the laugh!

    No problem. Thanks for stopping by.

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