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This Yahoo! Answers badge is really getting me angry. I am supposed to have a really nice looking badge that shows various questions I have answered on Yahoo Answers, but yet the best I can get is the sentence above. So I think I will highlight some questions I answered on Yahoo! Answers by reposting them here (and crossing my fingers that Yahoo! doesn’t mind).

Question 1: Cheery! asks, “Global Warming: Interesting/boring? why? I want to talk about Global Warming in the Oral exam which we are allowed ot prepare beforehand for. I know that alot of people are going to speak on this topic. So does anyone have any interesting facts about global warming so that i can engage the examiner’s interest? And if you find Global Warming boring, why?”

Answer: Although it doesn’t directly answer your question, I would suggest you find a new topic. If there will be several presentations on this subject in a classroom setting you run a very high risk of boring even those interested in Global Warming.

No matter how many interesting facts you find, if you are the fifth or sixth speaker on this topic most will have tuned out by then. So I would encourage you, if you have the ability, to find a new topic.

Personally I find the topic interesting, but if I had to listen to several students give speeches on the subject I would probably…(Continue reading here).”


Question 2: MJC asks, “Roasted vs Unroasted nuts…? I know nuts are good for you – high in protein and essential fatty acids etc… My question is whether roasting the nuts destroys any of its health properties. I love the taste of roasted nuts and find it so much easier to eat them than the raw version. Anyone know? Thanks :0)”

Answer: “There are pros and cons to getting roasted nuts.

The pros are that roasted nuts last longer before spoiling and they are just plain tastier.

But roasting nuts *might* alter their fatty acids in a way that effects their nutritional content. This could be the reason why roasted nuts last longer on the shelf.

Also, if you are getting roasted nuts be sure they are either dry roasted or roasted in an oil that isn’t high in saturated or hydrogenated fats (all this will be on the food label under ingredients)…(Continue reading here).”

Question 3: Errin B asks, “Naked dad taking baths with 4 year old baby girl in bathtub? I’m curious if this is a normal thing.”

Answer: “I don’t think it is normal when she has reached the age of four. My daughter is a little over two and I always wear swim trunks when she demands I get in the tub. Nothing wrong with a father sharing a bath with his daughter, but once she becomes aware of the difference between men and women (by four she no doubt has) poppa needs to put on some swim trunks…(Continue reading here).”



Question 4: M R asks, “Child support? I was ordered to pay child support but now me and the mom are back together. How long do i have to continue paying child support – can i get it stopped”

Answer: “You can’t stop paying until you go to court and have the child support order modified or rescinded. The reason is, if you stop paying now and you and her break up again at whatever point, she can rightfully bring you to court for back support. So get a lawyer and go down to the courthouse to have it modified- if such is even appropriate.” (Link)

Question 5: Ashley K asks, “What helps to potty train a two year old boy? he knows when he potty’s in his pants but when i try to get him to go to the potty he won’t.”

Answer: We had some trouble with my two year old daughter. We finally got it all working when we found the right approach.

We used something she loved (M&M’s) and offered her an M&M treat every time she went on the potty. She only got the treat if she went potty, but she got the treat even if she only peed a little. We had her potty trained in less than three days.

So find out what he lives and offer it to him every time he successfully uses the potty. But since kids can be so different, you never know which approach will work for you…(Continue reading here).”


Question 5: Riegan asks, “Some christians have mentioned that there were fewer types of animals at the time of noahs ark, but? doesn’t that imply that some of those animals evolved into other types of animals? why are many christians so against evolution until it seems to add validity to their stories?”

Answer: Most modern day creationists don’t argue against micro-evolution (evolution within the species- wolves to dogs). What they take issue with is macro-evolution (whales to hippos). According to organizations like Answers in Genesis, these changes are unscientific since they can not be observed.

For example, despite over roughly 4,000+ years of direct breeding of dogs guiding by human intelligence dogs breeds are all (from Great Danes to Pugs) well within their species. In addition, despite breeding fruit flies… (continue reading here)

I’ll post more later in the week…Cast a vote for my answers (those “in voting”) if you get a chance.



  1. krislinatin says:

    Hey, You are now officially tagged, sorry, they did it to me, now I must pass on the blessings to you!
    You know the drill, do it, link it, pass it on, have fun with it!
    No pressure; if you got a life, opt out!
    The Home Engineer

  2. No fair, I just tagged you!

  3. krislinatin says:

    yeah, but you only have to do the second one!

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