Starting my Own Meme…

Posted: July 20, 2007 in answers, Blogs, hobbies, links, meme, misc, News, Politics, Religion, Weight loss, Wrestling, Yahoo! Answers

What websites (blogs) do you consider essential?  After all, you are what you read. So just copy and paste the questions and fill in your answers. I will start us off.

What websites do you check out almost everyday?,,,, News and Observer,,, ESV Bible online, Yahoo! Answers

What websites do you check out weekly?,, Uncommon Descent,

What websites do you check out monthly?,,

What blog do you consider essential reading? (Warning: Course language contained therein), Jungle-Hut,, TheDietPulpit, helvidiuspachyderm

I am passing this along to…

Neil over at 4Simpsons

Tammy over at Wytammic

Bridget over at helvidiuspachyderm

The Queen of Swords

Angel over at WomanHonorThyself

Michelle over at Bloggerings

Diana over at Daddy’s Little Girl

Catherine Marie at “Be the Change

Musings of a Home Engineer



RULES: Here are the rules, fill out the meme and pass it along to at least three (but preferably five) people. When you post your answers on your blog please link back to me, or at least the person who sent you this totally awesome meme.

  1. […] my Own Meme… « TotalTransformationTest Posted by Michelle under fun , blogging  Starting my Own Meme… « TotalTransformationTest has tagged me to fill out this meme. What websites (blogs) do you consider essential. After all, […]

  2. Michelle says:

    I feel overly stupid now that I filled that out. I read books I guess, not always websites.

  3. Angel says:

    wowza..this is a very tough one!..Not sure if I can even will sure try soon as I get the chance ! 🙂

  4. Lady Rose says:

    ***blushes*** thank you I enjoy reading you too. Will get this meme soon.

  5. timbob says:

    Greetings. I will respond to this when time permits. Oh; I know that Cumby is no longer blogging, however, in case he should pass by and want to respond, I included his name on my meme list.

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