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Well let’s start with the big news. I am black– well part black. My opinion on reparations has changed overnight. Not only that, but now I can tell black jokes without feeling guilty.

It turns out my father’s great-great-grandfather was a former slave turned notable layman astronomer. I am currently researching this to confirm or deny it. What an interesting thing to learn about my family’s history.


Some Old Pictures…

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Flashback 1997

Me in 1997

This is me back in 1997. I had been in the fire department for about six months at this point. This is the only picture that remains from my entry packet into Muscle Media’s 12 week fitness challenge. Looking back I never realized how scrawny I looked- maybe that is fat me speaking. But this scrawny old me weighed about 155lbs but benched close to 240lbs. Right now I would be lucky to bench 160lbs.