Update: Seizing the Day

Posted: July 16, 2007 in results

How did I do with my to do list for the day? Well, so-so. 

  1. To write an encyclopedia entry on slave patrols [Writer’s Block/On Hold]
  2. A guest blog post to write [Completed]
  3. To complete a journal article (or at least get close to completing it) that I would like to have published before the end of this year. [Not Even touched-requires a trip to the archives]
  4. 300-400 pages to read (some fun American History stuff). [200 pages in Hadden’s Slave Patrols: Law and Violence in Virginia and the Carolinas]
  5. Read as much as I can online about adoption. [Started]
  6. A hard workout to kickoff this new Two Week Total Transformation Challenge. [Completed]
  7. Two very big dogs that need a long walk. Altogether, it means a long and most likely fulfilling day. [Too dang hot]
  1. Gayle says:

    Well, you completed two out of seven so far. You’re off to a good start! Congratulations on completing both of them, but especially number six. To take up a plan like that and stick to it is very commendable.

  2. Neil says:

    Hey, you still had a very productive day by any normal standards!

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