Tomorrow will be a very full day.

I have several projects for tomorrow- not including updating this blog.  I have…

  1. To write an encyclopedia entry on slave patrols,
  2. A guest blog post to write
  3. To complete a journal article (or at least get close to completing it) that I would like to have published before the end of this year.
  4. 300-400 pages to read (some fun American History stuff).
  5. Read as much as I can online about adoption.
  6. A hard workout to kickoff this new Two Week Total Transformation Challenge,
  7. Two very big dogs that need a long walk. Altogether, it means a long and most likely fulfilling day.

In addition, I have three blog posts planned for tomorrow. One will clear up some issues on our adoption plans. The second will be, well, the topic is up in the air at this moment. I will see where God leads me during my morning quiet time. And the third, well let’s just say God came through big on several fronts.

See you then. Until then, God bless.

  1. mason says:

    If you can’t get it all done in 24 hours, maybe you should work nights. Heh! Heh!

  2. Soon enough, when I start my Ph.D. program and my teaching job I will probably have to.

    My drive to and from my Ph.D. program will be roughly 4 hours round trip three days a week. That is a big chunk of time. I wish I could avoid the drive.

    I am so detesting the thought of driving that much that I am considering buy a small piece of land and home in Greensboro so I can avoid it.

  3. Good luck on that Adoption project. Hope all goes well and you are very happy with your decisions in the end…..steve

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