It looks like I will hit two milestones near simultaneously.  As my blog approaches 30,000 views, I am approaching 165lbs (and enjoying a much more energetic lifestyle).  I must say, I am quite content with the results of these last five months of major and minor lifestyle changes.

So as the next two week total transformation challenge approaches (7/16/2007 – 7/30/2007)  I have some new milestones to report.  I am close to hitting several short terms goals.

  1. I am almost at 196 lbs.
  2. I did 45 consecutive push-ups yesterday (my goal is 50).
  3. My waist is a bit less than 34 inches (my goal is 33 inches).
  1. Neil says:

    Congratulations on both! It has been a steady and impressive set of accomplishments.

  2. lifelemons says:

    Congratulations! You are doing an excellent job!


    Submited post on – “Approaching 30,000?and 165 lbs.”

  4. DulceDiana says:

    Yey! Congrats!

    Wow…you’re almost there on #3!

  5. I know. Even my belts don’t fit anymore. It is wild.

  6. I am going to have to stop reading this stuff, you make us feel like such failures 🙂 Congratulations! ……………. steve

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