Positively Pessimistic

Posted: July 14, 2007 in faith, hate, Me, my life, negative people, News, personal, pessimism

I never fails to amaze me how rude and hateful folks can be when they are interacting via the Internet.

When I posted on the topic of adoption a few days ago an anonymous commenter left a brief and rude replay to my post. I figured it was a drive by comment, from someone I would never hear from again. Yet today, when checking my “Blog Stats” page, I came across a new link back from another blog. So I wandered over only to find that the blog belonged to someone who decided to take that boorish comment and run with it. It appears the anonymous commenter and the blog’s author are not the same person. Whatever the case, apparently he/she thought I deserved a whole post on his/her blog.

So it is with great humor and honor that I inform you that I was selected as “The Daily Doofus.” Apparently they don’t think very highly of yours truly. Under the title “Oh My God,” the author wrote:

Wow, just when you think you have found the most stupid Christian, another one pops up and sends the Daily Doofus staff reeling backwards with shock. [The author later edited the post and changed the word “stupid” to “interesting.”]

I was quite shocked as well, shocked to find that the staff of the Daily Doofus bore me such hatred and disgust. The remainder of their post showed that their low opinion of me was based on numerous false assumptions. [which to their credit they subsequently removed from the post]

First, the post’s author assumed I would remind my adopted child “everyday” that they were the object of my charity. Second, they assumed that I intended to adopt from a foreign country:

Of course they will drag the poor girl from a country they see as inferior and cut her off from her language and culture

This of course is entirely incorrect. As of now, we are planning to adopt one (or two) of the hundreds of children who reside in foster care in our home state. But I digress.

To top off these two faulty beliefs the author coldly writes:

They will never see that child as a true family member.

Now these assumptions and accusations don’t need to be addressed (although I did post an obligatory defense on the aforementioned blog [See Update Below]).

I am more interested in knowing why so many pessimistic, hateful, and rude people move about the blogosphere feeling the need to unload their pent up vitriol at an unsuspecting person? I’ve dealt with this when holocaust deniers have decided to comment on my blog, but I expected such when discussing politics.

This of course is another reminder that being open and honest, and using a blog, more as a journal than a website, does have a downside. But such shall not slow me down. As Christ said when he addressed the pharisees:

You are the ones who justify yourselves in the eyes of men, but God knows your hearts. Luke 16:15.

Let men judge me how they will, their judgment is of no consequence to me. However, I freely submit myself to the judgment of God, who judges the heart. I praise God that my judge, Jesus the Christ, doesn’t need to assume anything as he can see straight into my heart.

Update: After I typed this post I left a comment on The Daily Doofus blog. It appears that “the staff” at the Daily Doofus have seen fit to delete my comment (my comment was an attempt to reconcile and find some common ground) on their post.

Second Update: The Daily Doofus has removed the incorrect statements contained on their original version of the post. In addition they no longer consider me stupid, I am now “interesting.” At this point the post has been changed significantly from its original form- my comment remains deleted. So I thank them for at least editing out their incorrect comments. I hope they return to read this blog again someday.

Most importantly, perhaps this means that common ground isn’t too far away?

  1. Neil says:

    Sorry to hear about that! That’s one of the downsides of blogging. I finally had to ban a commenter permanently this week (only my second in over a year of blogging, so all things considered that’s not too bad).

    People have an agenda and are glad to twist your words and circumstances to fit their desired story line sometimes.

    Nice job of handling it on your part. Hopefully they’ll hang out here some more and see what you are really like.

  2. I am sure this one person will not impact your decision about adoption. Adoption is a beautiful thing and it blesses the adoptive parents and the adopted children.

    Incidentally, I had a similar experience. I just delete their comments and ignore their back-links that misrepresent me.

  3. krislinatin says:

    let it roll off your back TT, some people are just ANGRY.
    since they took out most of post anyway and won’t let you post a comment, don’t even give them the satisfaction of linking to them, it gives them more traffic and fuel for their fire…

  4. Listen to your heart. Sometimes these people are out there to help you us with your resolve to adopt. Let me warn yo though that when you get your child people’s comments will FLOOR you!

  5. lifelemons says:

    I laughed so hard when I read: So it is with great humor and honor that I inform you that I was selected as “The Daily Doofus.”

    That is hilarious and un-warranted, some people live for wreaking havoc on good people that blog and try to gather information through comments. What is up with the negativity? I wish you the best, from reading your blog I can tell you are a good person and your wanting to adopt is genuine. Please don’t listen to the nay-sayers!

  6. Geesh! Talk about reading things into something that’s not there! I can’t believe they inferred all that from your post! I think they should have given the daily doofus award to themselves!

  7. Stiletto says:

    Well how rude! Hey, do you have a link? lol

    Don’t listen to the haters – carry on!

  8. I took the link off because I didn’t want to send traffic his/her way. I also did it because he/she altered the post and cleared up some of his/her flawed assumptions regarding our family’s plans to adopt.

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