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It is a place to share how the Lord has convicted you. Whether by his Word, through the voice of a friend or stranger, or whatever means. Share your experiences in the comments section, and I will share (as convictions arise) my own experience.

Below the page break is the content of my first post to the Convictions page.


Yesterday, a blogger by the name of John (obviously a man whose parents’ had good taste) asked me:

Have you tried or have any thought on a weight loss plan that has the same food every day. [1]

The answer is yes. It is a big part of the nutrition program I am working on right now. Here is how it works.

At the beginning of each week I sit down and come up with a list of three to four acceptable meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Each week I change this schedule up. I have found it much easier and less time consuming than the tradition plan each day method. In addition, it allows you some choice throughout the week but still limits your ability to go off track.