I have a lot on my plate these days.  I have an entry for a History Encyclopedia that remains unfinished.  I also have two journal articles desperately in need of a bit of my time.  My historical fiction book on runaway slaves (which will eventually be the centerpiece of a home school curriculum on slavery) remains at three chapters long- out of about ten chapters I have planned for the book.

Now, on top of this, I will be writing my first guest post for another blog.  Catherine Morgan asked me to post for her “Be the Change” blog about two weeks from now.  I am honored by her request and look forward to the opportunity to make my first guest post.

I just wanted to drop a few hints about that post now to wet your curiosity.

As her blog’s name is Be the Change (short for “Be the Change you Want to See in Yourself), I will write on the subject of “Living the Change.”

I admit I can’t offer any get rich/lose weight/find the right spouse fast tips.  However, I can give some honest suggestions on how individuals can reach their goals in life.  The key points (to be elucidated later) are:

  1. Change Your Outlook
  2. Gain Perspective
  3. Create an Accountability Network
  1. Thanks so much! This looks great so far, I can’t wait to read the whole post.

    I like to also include a picture, one of you as the author of the post would be perfect for that. But if you would rather use something else that would be fine too.

    Thanks again, this is a huge help for me.


  2. abarclay12 says:

    I like the third one. I will read your post for sure.

  3. kristi says:

    Sounds like a great post in the making. I’ll definitely check it out.

  4. liara says:

    Congratulations on making progress toward your diet target. Your idea of “an accountability network” sounds like a great support system to help you reach meaningful goals. I look forward to reading your contribution to Catherine’s blog. She also asked me to provide some of my writing pieces.

    All the best!

  5. “I look forward to reading your contribution to Catherine’s blog. She also asked me to provide some of my writing pieces.”

    AS it is my first guest posting gig, I look forward to it. See you there.

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