Mental Transformation: Spanish, Vocabulary, and More

Posted: July 9, 2007 in Grow your mind, learning a language, mental transformation, spanish, tips, total transformation, vocabulary

Today’s intellectual/mental transformation schedule includes the first chapter of Spanish for Dummies (I admit I qualify for admission to that group) and some great vocabulary for memorization.

Why Spanish and vocabulary?  My doctoral program requires I pass a language proficiency test during my first year.  As for the vocabulary, when I was younger my father instilled in me the virtue of learning at least two new words everyday.  I have, to my detriment, long neglected this good advice.


Hypomaniac /hype-o-MAY-nee-ak/ A person with a mental disturbance characterized by excessive optimism.

Insiliarius /in-SIL-ee-AIR-ee-us/ An evil advisor.

Unipygic /yoo-ni-PIE-gik/ Having but one butt cheek.  Derived from the Latin unus [one] and the Greek pyge [rump].  This is the polite way of saying that someone is acting in a half-a**ed manner.

  1. Lady Rose says:

    The recipe for the Cookies I made with Sweet Perfection is up! 🙂

  2. Lady Rose says:

    Hi — I just added a photo of the cookies! you may have missed it when you visited earlier.

  3. krislinatin says:

    oh my gosh, kevin is gonna love those words esp. the last word…..
    might get him to blog again!

  4. Phil Sabin says:

    Sometimes when I’ve been cycling for a really long time I feel like I’m a Unipygic.

    Did I use the word correctly in a sentence?


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