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A New Format?

Posted: July 5, 2007 in change

I am thinking of reformatting this blog to fit better with my philosophy of total transformation of body, mind, and spirit. Right now I am trying to figure out exactly what that will look like, so have patience as I try things out over the coming days.

Right now my ideas for changing the setup of this site range from fairly simple (working on how each title is posted) to the creation of several new pages (as well as the deletion of several others).

P.S. If anyone knows how I can make this blog work like three blogs in one, with three separate headings, so I can post a daily blog on  mind, body, and spirit in three different sections please let me know.

Our present financial condition is similar to my physical condition back in February. My wallet is horribly out of shape; my credit cards are stretched like me waist used to be; and cash flow is almost non-existent (much like my previously well concealed six pack). I think that is enough analogies for now, you get the point.

Where are we right now? Well, sad to say, we are burdened by about $15,000+ dollars in credit card debt. That debt costs us about $525/month just to stay on top on minimum payments. Crazy, isn’t it? It wasn’t always like this, when we got married we had three credit cards. It got this way because we (and most often me/I) got suckered into those credit card giveaways. We bought a new mattress and took advantage of the no interest, no payments for a year if you signed up for store credit card “special.” Of course we didn’t pay it off within the year, so we got charged the back interest. Same thing with a digital camera. We also had medical bills we couldn’t pay, so that ended up in a medical credit card. So right now we have about 9 credit cards. I could just smack myself for getting into this mess.

To make matters worse all those cards are maxed out. Why? Well, since my wife is a school teacher and I am a grad student we had two months each year with NO paycheck. We didn’t save/budget well so we ended up living off our credit cards.

So what now? I can’t go back and change this, but I can create an action plan to pay-off this debt. Chances are you could use an action plan too.